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Reboot Develop 2014. is a
conference for game developers
brought to you by Reboot
gaming magazine team.

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Exchange of interesting
experiences and ideas from all
kinds of game developers and
industry professionals.

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Conference will take place at
one of the most prestigious
hotels in Zagreb – DoubleTree by Hilton.

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On April 26th and 27th in
Zagreb, Croatia. The
conference will start at 09.00
and ends at 17.00

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  • The Adriatic regions’ potential within the gaming market is not to be overlooked.
    Its passion for gaming along with the local talent that is emerging is extremely exciting.

    Dan Gardener - PR/marketing manager, Warner Brothers Interactive
  • SCEE was the pioneer in recognizing the huge potential of Adriatic region where it has been officially present since 1998. It’s focused on rising awareness of digital distribution in the market and is increasingly active in encouraging developers to bring their creations to their PSN. With the arrival of PS4 indie development has never been more attractive and a lot of new content is to be expected from regional teams."

    Tomislav Jankovic - Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, consultant for sales and marketing Adriatic region
  • The Adriatic region is becoming an increasingly interesting market for game developers and publishers, especially with new channels emerging to reach the considerable gaming audience found there

    Anthony Newall - Export Marketing and PR Manager, Square Enix
  • Adriatic region has a very vibrant gaming scene. While most of the local games
    companies are small at present, they are growing fast, and with the wider changes in the industry, it is only a matter of time before the region’s games sector becomes more substantial

    Rinaldo Andreolli - Wargaming Europe - General Manager
  • This part of Europe is important to Ubisoft, as we see it has real potential for
    growth over the coming years.

    Katie Edwards - Ubisoft - Export Sales Manager

    About Reboot Develop 2014.

    Reboot Develop 2014. is the biggest game developers and gaming industry professionals conference in south eastern Europe and Adriatic region. It is a two day event full of interesting game development related lectures and networking opportunities. The conference is focusing on challenges of modern game  development, next generation of video game entertainment devices, VR gaming and  development and indie game development etc. while pinpointing interesting trends  and problems in todays game development sector, and gaming industry in general  with strong focus on the regional and European challenges. More +

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