Apply for selection process for first ever Reboot Pitching Sessions powered by Starbreeze

After three years of running Reboot Develop and having a rapidly expanding indie expo and indie award we decided for the first time to start with big selection for Reboot Pitching sessions, powered by Starbreeze Studios.

In this experimental edition of it we will be separating it in two divided sessions, one on Thursday, the other on Friday. There will closed off, invite only, with only the pitching studio and the board consisting of publishers, investors and media being in the room and judging the pitches.

The idea here is to award the best pitch/game, but also to put the best preselected games in front of potential investors and publishers who are actually joining the closed of pitching sessions with intent onto looking for potential new ventures!

We do know that in this first year we announced applications in last minute so we will make them as easy as possible. Just send us the following info to by 18th of April 6pm, and we will notify you early next morning if you were one of the 10 games selected for our first ever pitching sessions at Reboot Develop.

Info needed in the mail:




SHORT TRAILER (1-5minutes)




Those selected will have to pitch their game in front of the board in very short, impactful and meaningful manner, having time to show their trailer video, do the 5 minute project pitch itself and then being QAed by the pitching sessions board.

The winner will be announced at Indie Award and Hero Award ceremony on Saturday, and winner will take an Oculus + Touch kit, Amazon Fire hardware¬†award package¬†plus Indie Package for two (tickets and accommodation) for Reboot Develop 2018 as an award, but most important of all a potential to get an investment, or a publishing deal for his game from any of the members of pitching board (Starbreeze, Sony, Microsoft, Xsolla, Humble… being just few of them).