We have revealed the 3rd wave of speakers

Reboot Develop 2018 will have more then 110 amazing world renown games industry speakers in 7 tracks. The rest of speaker lineup will be revealed in waves periodically during next 3 months.

Julian Gollop

Snapshot Games, CEO / game designer

Julian is best known as the designer of the original X-COM series from the 1990s. He has been developing computer games since 1982, releasing 8-bit titles such as ‘Chaos’ and ‘Laser Squad’. In 2005 he moved to Bulgaria and worked for Ubisoft Sofia as a designer and producer on several titles, including the BAFTA nominated 3DS launch title Ghost Recon Shadow Wars. In 2014 he set up Snapshot Games with David Kaye, founder of Gaming Insiders, and crowdfunded Chaos Reborn – a reinvention of the original 1985 8-bit game Chaos. In June 2017 his latest game Phoenix Point – a spiritual successor to the original X-COM – was funded on fig.co and is his most ambitious project yet.

Tim Schafer

Double Fine Productions, CEO / creative director

Veteran game designer and creator, one of the true industry legends best known for acclaimed titles such as Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, Full Throttle, Brutal Legend, Monkey Island series and Day of The Tentacle. After a decade spent working at Lucas Arts he founded Double Fine Productions that among few other great titles released an amazing adventure game Broken Age. He is currently working with his team full time on Psychonauts 2!

Josh Sawyer

Obsidian Entertainment, Game Director / Game Designer

Josh is a video game director and game designer best known for his amazing work on more then few legendary RPGs from Black Isle glory days, including being designer and director on Icewind Dale II, Neverwinter Nights 2 and Fallout: New Vegas, as well as the cancelled Van Buren and Baldur’s Gate III: The Black Hound. He is currently working as game director at Obisdian Entertainment and he was the Project Director and Lead Designer on Pillars of Eternity, homage to the legendary Baldur’s Gate. He is right now acting as the Game Director of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire which is to release in early 2017.

Raul Rubio

Tequila Works, CEO and creative director

Raul was co-founder and managing director of MercurySteam Entertainment (‘Castlevania: Lords of Shadow’) before looking for indier pastures as founder, CEO and creative director of boutique studio Tequila Works (‘RiME’). With a background and degree in computer engineering and classic education in visual arts, Raúl directed the beautifully back lit dead world of BAFTA-nominee ‘Deadlight’, the oniric, evocative colorful world inspired by the light of the Mediterranean of RiME. Tequila Works has been co-developing and publishing with Cavalier Game Studios The Sexy Brutale in 2017. He is currently working on the convoluted crossed stories of Tequila Works’ immersive theater VR experience, The Invisible Hours.

Imre Jele

Bossa Studios, Creaton in Chief / Co-Founder

A lifelong gamer and game-creator, Imre is an expert in game design, AI mechanics, procedural content, narrative, cross-media, and audience engagement. He’s known for promoting innovative and collaborative creative approaches to game creation, including Bossa’s regular internal Game Jams. Throughout his colourful career, Imre has worked on a wide range of game genres and platforms. He’s Co-founder and Creator-in-Chief of the BAFTA and other multiple award winning Bossa Studios, creators of Surgeon Simulator and Worlds Adrift.

Admir Elezovic

Croteam, Art Director / Co-Founder

Admir is best known as Croteam cofounder and original team member on Serious Sam series. He has been doing art from early 1990s. In 1994 Admir worked as artist on Amiga version of well received Football Glory game and as programmer on PC version. In 2011 criticaly acclaimed Serious Sam TFE was released. In 2014 big hit for Croteam, Talos Principle where Admir served as Lead artist, was released. Currently, Admir heads art department and is busy working on Serious Sam 4 and other interesting projects in Croteam. His passion is photogrammetry and motion capture pipeline for games and VR.

Tony Parisi

Unity Technologies, Head of VR and AR

Tony Parisi is a virtual reality pioneer, serial entrepreneur and angel investor. Tony is the co-creator of 3D graphics standards, including VRML, X3D and glTF, the new file format standard for 3D web and mobile applications. Tony is also the author of O’Reilly Media’s books on Virtual Reality and WebGL: Learning Virtual Reality (2015), Programming 3D Applications in HTML5 and WebGL (2014), and WebGL Up and Running (2012). Tony is currently Head of VR and AR at Unity Technologies, where he oversees the company’s strategy for virtual and augmented reality.

Inon Zur


Three-time BAFTA nominated composer Inon Zur is internationally renowned for his emotionally dynamic original music scores for film, television and popular video game franchises, such as the Fallout series, Dragon series, Disney’s Fantasia, and Prince of Persia series. Inon is definitely one of the rare few composers belonging to what is considered to be A-list in video games industry. Among many other incredible games he has scored both Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4 as well as Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 for all of which he gained numerous awards.

Dan Gray

ustwo games, Head of Studio

Dan’s 11 year long career has spanned games studios small and large, from the legendary Lionhead Studios, to indie darlings Hello Games and for the past five years ustwo games, where his release Monument Valley gained critical acclaim in 2014 as a game changer on mobile, winning multiple awards along the way. As Head of Studio for the company, Dan and his team delved into consumer focussed VR with their title Land’s End, followed up by releasing the critically acclaimed Monument Valley 2 in 2017. Delving into telling a story of a mother and child in an impossible world this successful sequel turned heads after launching exclusively on stage with Apple at WWDC. His team are currently focussing on taking what’s great about video games and bringing it to a whole new audience.

Anya Combs

Kickstarter, Games Outreach Lead

Anya Combs is the Games Outreach Lead at Kickstarter, where she focuses on working with game creators. She has been active in the digital games space for nearly a decade, overseeing multiple mobile and online titles launched for Nickelodeon & AddictingGames. She is excited to continue supporting developers through the most widespread crowdfunding platform out there, as they bring their creative projects to life.

Patryk Grzeszczuk

11 bit studios, Marketing Director

Patryk as a marketing director at 11 bit studios is focusing on game marketing and digital communication. A devoted gamer for the last twenty five years and a brand/marketing specialist for the last twelve years. He believes that games are a new language and as such should be used to tell stories that matter. As a part of the 11 bit studios team, he has been responsible for developing marketing/advertising strategies for This War of Mine, Beat Cop, and Frostpunk among other titles. Doodling and longboarding enthusiast after hours.

Yukio Futatsugi


Yukio Futatsugi is a Japanese video game developer best known as the creator of Panzer Dragoon series. While at Sega he also worked as game director on Panzer Dragoon. In later years after working at Konami and Sony Computer Entertainment he joined Microsoft Games. He went on to create and direct Phantom Dust. Some of the other titles where he was credited as lead game designer include Blue Dragon and Ninety – Nine Nights. Yukio is a founder of GOUNDING CO. where he is currently a game director on an unnanounced title. At the same studio he also developed and created Crimson Dragon and Machi-koro.

Iain Angus

Creative Assembly, Development Manager

Iain is a veteran game developer with more than 15 years’ experience working in AAA teams. In that time he has held programming, design and production roles and worked on franchises such as Halo, Fable, Pro Evolution Soccer, Need for Speed and Burnout. Iain is currently managing a team that is working on an exciting unannounced new-IP at Creative Assembly.

Tobias Sjögren

White Wolf Publishing, CEO

Tobias started his first steps in the industry in 1996 while working in many different roles, but mainly focused on business development. He headed DICE Stockholm from 2001. to 2004. He is currently CEO of White Wolf Publishing, daughter company of Paradox Interactive, which handles a selection of World of Darkness brands with it’s flagship being Vampire the Masquerade. White Wolf is a licensing business which develops the metaplot of the brands and works with different partners around the world who are using their famous IPs producing all kinds of products like computer games, books, tabletop and board games, events, comic books and moving picture.

Alexis Kennedy

Writer / Indie Developer

Alexis Kennedy founded Failbetter Games, where he made Fallen London and Sunless Sea among other things. He took a gap year to do guest-writing gigs for clients like BioWare (where he wrote for unannounced next title in Dragon Age series), Telltale and Paradox, and now he’s working on another ‘typically unclassifiable’ narrative game, Cultist Simulator, which was funded in twelve hours on Kickstarter.

Susan Gold

Global Game Jam, Founder / Creator

Susan is the creator of the much loved Global Game Jam®, the annual event that brings together over 40k game developers from around the world for one creatively explosive weekend. As GGJ celebrates it’s 10th year of exponential growth, Susan is launching GGJNEXT™, a game jam and curriculum for young creators age 12-17. It is her vision to grow the power of jamming and game education globally by empowering and strengthening young creators skills with enough competence and knowledge to succeed at making their own games in their own game jams.  With GGJ and in academia, Professor Gold works with governments, education systems, international & federal agencies in the hopes of unlocking the creative potential of games, jamming, and collaborative work.

Renaud Charpentier

Tower Five, Game Director / Co-Founder

Renaud joined the games industry more then 20 years ago when he helped a few friends on what would today be called an Indie game. He then designed games for Ubisoft, Insight Games and Sega at Creative Assembly, working on brands like Rayman, Splinter Cell, Largo Winch, Corunea and Total War. His last position before leaving Creative Assembly was that of a game director. Currently he is quietly and secretively working as game director on his next big thing at Tower Five, completely new studio he recently co-founded! Game design, game rules and systems, including artificial intelligence remains his primary interests, with a focus on transforming player experience intentions into systems which actually materialise them.

Felix Bohatsch

Broken Rules, CEO

Indie at his heart, he co-founded Broken Rules right after finishing hi studies at Vienna University of Technology and Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht. His area of expertise includes game and level design and gameplay programming which he has done on all games of the studio. Additional he has been responsible for ensur­ing project quality and handling all organizational activity of Broken Rules. The recent title to come out from his team is both critcally and commercialy praised Old Man’s Journey.

Davor Hunski

Croteam, Chief Creative Officer

Even though he’s not that old, they call him the Grandfather of Croatian gaming industry – and for a good reason. Davor Hunski is a true industry veteran, who’s handsomeness is matched only by his passion for challenge. With over 20 years of experience, during which he lead the design and production of Serious Sam and The Talos Prinicple series, Davor became one one of the few developers that have explored every platform known to man, including the VR space which has been his main point of interest in the last couple of years. During that time he has spawned an amazing VR gem in SSVR: The Last Hope.

Rami Ismail

Vlambeer, Co-Founder

Rami Ismail is the Business & Development Guy at Vlambeer, a Dutch independent game studio known best for Nuclear Throne, Wasteland Kings, Ridiculous Fishing, Super Crate Box, LUFTRAUSERS, GUN GODZ, Serious Sam: The Random Encounter & Radical Fishing. Believing sharing knowledge openly is the cornerstone of independent development, Rami has spoken on a variety of subjects at dozens of game events around the world.

Pawel Rohleder

Techland, Head of Technology

A highly experienced developer, manager and video games enthusiast who is keen on new technologies. Over 15+ years in the game development industry, of which the last 11 years are with Techland (Dying Light, Dead Island, Call of Juarez). Participated in both original DLs, both DIs and all four CoJ games from start to finish. Has experience in almost every part of game development, from concept creation to QA, all the way through to even composing in-game music. Is a regularly invited and highly experienced speaker at gaming and technology conferences. Currently manages a team of 30+ professionals developing cutting-edge technology for games across multiple platforms.

Yoot Saito

Game Director / Game Designer

Yoot is a true veteran of Japanese games industry with his first endeavours staring at the beginning of the 90s. His first major game release was SimTower, developed by his previous company OPeNBooK Co., Ltd. and published by Maxis in 1994. He also worked on developing the sequel, Yoot Tower, the Game Boy Advance remake called The Tower SP, and the Nintendo DS remake called The Tower DS. After founding Vivarium, he published some of his most famous games, including Seaman, a virtual pet game which was one of the best selling titles for Dreamcast. Causing a social phenomenon, “Seaman” received various awards in and outside Japan, later it received the sequel as well. Currently Yoot is working on unannounced projects in the field of AI and video games.

Nick Rooke

Sony PlayStation, Developer Relations Director

Nick oversees end-to-end developer engagement for PlayStation platforms in the region (which includes Europe, MEA and Australasia). His remit includes oversight for the direct funding of exclusive content experiences (such as Hellblade and No Man’s Sky), proactive and reactive engineering support for those developing on PlayStation platforms, as well as the developer-facing account management teams. Nick’s career in the games industry began 20 years ago working in development as a designer and then producer on a number of PC and console titles, before moving to work at platform holders almost exclusively for the latter half of those 20 years including an 8 year spell at Xbox. At Sony, he covers all current platforms and initiatives which right now includes a large focus on PSVR and PlayLink.

Kate Edwards

Geogrify, CEO / Principal Consultant

Kate Edwards is the CEO and principal consultant of Geogrify, a Seattle-based consultancy for content culturalization and is the former Executive Director of IGDA. In addition to being an outspoken advocate and industry leader that serves in several advisory/board roles, including Take This, she is an applied geographer, writer, and corporate strategist. Formerly as Microsoft’s first Geopolitical Strategist in the Geopolitical Strategy team she created and managed, Kate was responsible for protecting the company against political and cultural content risks across all products and locales. Kate is also the founder and former chair of the IGDA’s Localization Special Interest Group, the co-organizer of the former Game Localization Summit at GDC, and is a regular columnist for MultiLingual Computing magazine.

Jonas Kyratzes

Freelance Writer

Jonas started writing and designing narrative-heavy freeware games in the early 2000s, before the indie game boom, and has semi-accidentally become a full-time freelance game writer. He is best known for his work on The Sea Will Claim Everything and The Talos Principle. His current projects include Serious Sam 4 and Phoenix Point. While people generally hire Jonas for the philosophical and socio-political depth he brings to his writing, his main contribution is usually bad puns.

Dan Murray

Skybound Interactive, President

Dan draws on a detailed understanding of the industry gained from working closely with publishers, developers, investors and entertainment partners. Founded by Robert Kirkman, Skybound is a digital media company which places the creator at the center.  Skybound creates properties for television, film, interactive mediums, tabletop games, merchandise, new media and beyond.  Current Skybound games include Telltale’s Walking Dead, Walking Dead: Road to Survival, Oxenfree, Labyrinth, Gitan Coper, Suoerfight Live and The Walking Dead: March to War. Upcoming games include Overkill’s The Walking Dead and Thief of Thieves.  Prior to Skybound Dan ran worldwide business development for Foundation 9 Entertainment, one of the largest independent game developers in the world.

Przemyslaw Marszal

11 bit studios, Art Director

In his role of art director at 11 bit studios he responsible for visual side of all 11 bit games (Anomaly, This War of Mine, Frostpunk & others) as well as supervising the vision behind the titles and managing the development team at 11 bit along with Michal Drozdowski (creative director). He’s been in the industry for more than 20 years, still being pasionate gamer and crazy fan of old console devices.

Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro

White Owls Inc., CEO

President and CEO of White Owls Inc. Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro is a video game developer who was the director of Spy Fiction and best known for their unique mystery horror game, Deadly Premonition, and also stylish, time traveling adventure, D4: Dead Dreams Don’t Die. In his games SWERY brings his own unique flavor of drama and the surreal, paired with fantastical scenarios and wild, memorable encounters. Currently he is intensely working on his new signature game The Good Life! He is commonly known by the nickname “Swery65”.

Mike Bithell

Mike Bithell Games, Video Games Designer

Mike Bithell is a British game designer, best known for his breakout indie hit, Thomas Was Alone. A story-driven platform puzzle game, Thomas Was Alone won a BAFTA for its star, Danny Wallace. A year ago Mike released Volume, a commercially and critically successful action stealth game. Mike’s work emphasizes storytelling and focused game design with a growing team of professionals. Recently he surprisingly announced and right away launched Subsurface Circular, his homage to text adventure games, which immediately gained unanimous praise from critics and is enjoying great commercial success as well.

Jakub Dvorsky

Amanita Design, CEO

Jakub is the founder, lead game designer and creative director in Amanita Design, Czech based award-winning independent studio best known for puzzle adventure games Machinarium, Botanicula and Samorost series. The studio currently consists of several separate teams which are at the moment working on four upcoming games, one of which was recently revealed to be another artistly outstanding project Chuchel.

Callum Underwood

Raw Fury, CSO

Callum is the Chief Something Officer at Raw Fury Games, a purveyor of fine and wondrous indie games. Previously in his games industry career he worked at Oculus. Callum nowadays is in charge of finding cool games to publis. He’s won awards and stuff, spends most of his time on twitter, is into feminism, mental health, and diversity, and has a ginger beard.

Christian Fonnesbech

Nordisk Film Games, Head of IP Development

Christian Fonnesbech is head of IP Development at Nordisk Film Games, which has invested in four indie game developer companies in the last year. In addition, Christian is also a strategic consultant for the game and media industries, currently advising Egmont on investments and strategy development as well as working with independent game developers, game schools and conferences. In an earlier life, he produced and directed 35+ game projects for advertising, learning and entertainment.

Pawel Miechowski

11 bit studios, Partnership Manager

Pawel is senior writer and one of the marketing ninjas behind all 11 bit titles, now partnerships manager. He’s started his game industry career in 1996 working as an animator for “The Prince and The Coward” by Metropolis Software. Later on moved to CD Projekt and since 2010 he’s a part of 11 bit studios. Privately great fan of indie games and a crazy fan of football. Full time vodka evangelist.

Damir Durovic

Reboot, CEO

With more then 20 years of games media and marketing/PR experience, he has worked on numerous gaming media projects, as well as on few dozen games industry marketing, PR and investment consulting gigs. He is currently managing the rapid growth of now worldwide established REBOOT games industry brand together with an en excellent and agile small team. REBOOT brand today spans both the biggest video gaming magazine in SE Europe, biggest consumer games show – Reboot InfoGamer and one of the most impactful and high-end games industry conferences in the world – Reboot Develop, with few more ambitious projects on the way as well!