Fourth wave of speakers is revealed!

Reboot Develop 2017 will have more then 105 amazing world renown games industry speakers in 6 tracks. We are revealing speakers in waves/batches. Next wave of reveals will happen in the second half or March.

Tim Cain

Obsidian Entertainment, Game Director

Tim Cain is a video game developer best known as the producer, lead programmer and designer of the 1997 computer game Fallout. He has developed games since 1981, both in award winning series such as Bard’s Tale, Star Trek, D&D, Vampire: The Masquerade, and South Park, and the original works Fallout, Arcanum and Pillars of Eternity. His games have won numerous Editor’s Choice and Best RPG awards, and in 2009, Tim was chosen by IGN as one of the top 100 game creators of all time.

Kiki Wolfkill

343 Industries, Studio Head of Halo Transmedia & Entertainment

Kiki Wolfkill heads up 343 Industries’ transmedia and entertainment efforts. She joined the studio in 2009 as Executive Producer and was responsible for building the internal “Halo 4” game team and shipping “Halo 4.” An industry veteran of nearly 20 years, Kiki’s career in games began in the visual arts, where she eventually became Director of Art of Microsoft Studios. Her past credits include the Project Gotham Racing and Forza Motorsport franchises, as well as classics like Fable, Crackdown, Gears of War, and Mass Effect.

Jonathan Blow

Thekla, Inc., President

Jonathan Blow is a game designer and programmer who lives in San Francisco, USA. His most recent games are critically acclaimed The Witness and Braid. Both of those titles are well known for their unique game design and mechanics approach. Jonathan continues to run the studio Thekla, Inc., which creates mind-expanding games. Blow, along with several other independent game developers became a founding member of the Indie Fund, an angel investor fund for independent game projects.


Grasshoper Manufacture Inc, CEO / Game Designer

SUDA51 joined the videogame industry as a “planner” at Human Entertainment in 1993. After his work on “Super Fire Pro Wresting” and “Moonlight Syndrome”, he went independent and found Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. in 1998. He has worked on many titles as the director, scenario writer and game designer. Some of his major work includes “Silver Case”, “killer7”, “No More Heroes” series, “Shadows of the DAMNED”, “LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW” and “KILLER IS DEAD”. His latest title “LET IT DIE”, a PS4 exclusive, is to be released in 2016 and as well as a HD remastered version of“Silver Case”.

Dan Murray

Skybound Interactive, President

Dan draws on a detailed understanding of the industry working closely with publishers, developers, investors and entertainment partners. Founded by Robert Kirkman, Skybound is a media company centered around creators across television, film, games, merchandise, new media and beyond.  Skybound games include TELLTALE’S WALKING DEAD, ROAD TO SURVIVAL, OXENFREE, LABYRINTH, THE ESCAPISTS TWD and SUPERFIGHT LIVE.  Coming soon are OVERKILL’S THE WALKING DEAD, GIANT COP and MARCH TO WAR.

Cliff Bleszinski

Boss Key Productions, CEO

As a 20+ year veteran of the game industry (little known fact is that he developed and produced his first commercial title while being only 17) Cliff Bleszinski is no stranger to blockbuster video game franchises, among others producing, creating and directing Gears of War triology! Right now he is serving as the CEO of Boss Key Productions, Cliff is currently working on his newest IP LawBreakers! Bleszinski also recently joined the board of advisers for Fig, a mixed crowd-funding/investment platform for video games.

Chris Taylor

Indie Developer

A 28-year industry veteran, Chris has worked at EA, Cavedog Entertainment, Gas Powered Games (GPG)and Wargaming.NET. He served as the CEO and Creative Director at GPG for 15 years before selling the studio to Wargaming.NET, the makers of WOT. Chris has spent most of his career developing PC games, most notably 4D Boxing, Total Annihilation, Dungeon Siege and Supreme  Commander. After working as the General Manager and Creative Director at Wargaming, Chris has returned to the world of independent game development where he is now working on his next project.

Alen Ladavac

Croteam, Co-Founder / CTO

Alen Ladavac is leading the technology team as well as working on all aspects of Croteam games since 1993. Now mainly leading the efforts on Serious Sam 4 development, but also tinkering with VR games, Mixed Reality and Serious Sam VR. His previous work includes the world-famous Serious Sam franchise and critically acclaimed The Talos Principle. His broad range of interests and experience spans all technical areas of the game development, from rendering, sound and physics, to build systems and content pipelines.

Fredrik Wester

Paradox Interactive, CEO

Fredrik Wester is the CEO and Principal Owner of Paradox Interactive, the Sweden-based games company best known for developing PC strategy games like Stellaris, Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings and Hearts of Iron series as well as publishing a wide range of titles including Cities Skylines, Pillars of Eternity and Magicka. Since 2003, Wester has built Paradox from a 7-man studio to an international publisher with over 200 employees and another 10 partner companies (200 people) making games on contract.

Dan Gray

ustwo games, Head of Studio

He started his career at the legendary Lionhead Studios (R.I.P) working on the Fable series of games under Peter Molyneux and eventually the long lost mysterious Kinect title Milo & Kate. Later he joined Hello Games working on the Joe Danger series. Sensing the perfect environment to create a new wave of experiences for everyone, Dan then moved into East London to run a small division at the creative company ustwo and there  focussed on building a game so beautiful any screen could be printed and hung in a gallery, that game was Monument Valley. The team picked up multiple honours for their mercurial hit including two BAFTA wins.

Ralph Fulton

Playground Games, Creative Director / Co-Founder

Ralph is a 19-year games industry veteran and Playground’s creative lead. He began working on racing games in 2005 when he joined Codemasters’ Racing Studio. His first racing title, ‘GRID’, became Racing Game of the Year 2008, winning a BAFTA in the process. In 2010, Ralph co-founded Playground Games with two other industry veterans, Gavin Raeburn and Trevor Williams. Today, Playground employs more than 100 staff in its HQ in Royal Leamington Spa in England, United Kingdom, and has three critically-acclaimed titles to its credit. The most recent, ‘Forza Horizon 3’, was released in September 2016 to universal acclaim and commercial success.

Robin Finck

Guitarist (Nine Inch Nails), Game Score Composer

Robin is most widely known as Nine Inch Nails’ guitarist, joining the group in 1993 and continuing with NIN to date. He served as guitar player in the original cast of Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘Quidam’, performing over 500 shows in 18 months. Robin joined Guns N’ Roses at the onset of writing, recording and early touring stages for the ‘Chinese Democracy’ release before rejoining Nine Inch Nails in 2008. A passion for sound environments and video media has directed him to game development since 2014. Robin appears on several titles, most notably the dark ambient ‘NOCT’, published by Devolver Digital.

Chet Faliszek

Valve, Developer

Chet Faliszek through the years has been taking many roles at Valve. Few of the more notable being project lead on the Left 4 Dead series and writer on various Valve games including Teamfortress 2, Portal 2, Half-life 2 episodes and more.  Currently Chet is working with third party VR developers in helping them bring some of the best VR experiences to life.

Pasi Jokinen

Fingersoft / Oulu Game Campus, Board member / Head of Campus

Pasi Jokinen is a veteran product creator & community builder. Before joining Fingersoft he built the Internet of Things startup Thingsee. Now he is heading the Oulu Game Campus initiative: A city block dedicated to indie game companies, game education and game industry events. Building on the foundation laid by Fingersoft’s success, Pasi is creating stepping stones to success for other game companies.

Vladimir Mastilovic

3Lateral, CEO

Vladimir is founder and CEO of 3Lateral, a multidisciplinary company built around passion for creation of an appearance of life in digital medium. Vladimir’s focus in career are high fidelity digital humans starting from capture systems (3D and 4D scanning, appearance capture) to modeling and articulation systems to data bases, statistical modeling and engine integration. He received several prestigious awards including Most Innovative Entrepreneur by EY (2014) and Best Real Time Graphics and Interactivity (SIGGRAPH 2016, as part of team of companies Epic Games, Ninja Theory, Cubic Motion and 3Lateral). His portfolio includes Grand Theft Auto IV and V, Red Dead Redemption, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Star Citizen, Until Dawn, Battlefield 1 and The Order:1886.

Daryl Clewlow

Nordeus, Head of Art

Daryl Clewlow is the Head of Art at Nordeus, independent games developer based in Belgrade. In that capacity, he is responsible for the overall Art Direction of all Nordeus titles. Before to joining Nordeus, Daryl spent more than 13 years developing console and mobile games for the likes of Free Radical Design, Core Design, Rebellion, Blitz Games and NaturalMotion, where he oversaw the development of Clumsy Ninja, CSR2 and Dawn of Titans. Upon graduating as a trained fine artist from the Chelsea School of Art, Daryl spent several years working on special effects in films such as Event Horizon and Star Wars: Episode 1 before joining the gaming industry.

Anya Combs

Kickstarter, Games Outreach Lead

Anya Combs is the Games Outreach Lead at Kickstarter, where she focuses on working with game creators. She has been active in the digital games space for nearly a decade, overseeing multiple mobile and online titles launched for Nickelodeon & AddictingGames. She is excited to continue supporting developers through the most widespread crowdfunding platform out there, as they bring their creative projects to life.

Jaakko Iisalo

Masumasu, Founder / Creative Director

Jaakko Iisalo is a Finnish game designer & developer best know as the original creator of Angry Birds. As the design lead of first five Angry Birds mobile games he’s one of the most successful designers around with well over billion game downloads on various platforms. With over 17 years in the industry, Jaakko has years of experience in various fields such as design, graphics, music and programming. In 2016 Jaakko found Masumasu, an independent game studio working on character based multiplatform games.

Renaud Charpentier

Creative Assembly, Game Director

Renaud is a game creator who joined the industry 20 years ago when he helped a few friends on what would would be today called an Indie game. He then designed games for Ubisoft, Insight Games and Sega at Creative Assembly, working on brands like Rayman, Splinter Cell, Largo Winch, Corunea and Total War. Game design, game rules and systems, including artificial intelligence remains his primary interests, with a focus on transforming player experience intentions into systems which actually materialize them.

Koji Igarashi

ArtPlay, Co-Founder / Producer

Koji Igarashi, or simply known as IGA, is the co-founder and producer at ArtPlay. He is best known as the assistant director, scenario writer, and programmer for the cult classic, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Following the success of his first major involvement in the series, he continued to produce later Castlevania titles and created a new genre – an exploration-focused action adventure platformer. After having a successful career at Konami, he resigned in 2014 to co-found ArtPlay. The following year, Igarashi launched a Kickstarter campaign for his new project Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night which became one of the most funded Kickstarter campaign in the videogame category.

Dave Gibbons

Artist / Ilustrator

He established himself in underground comics and fanzines in Britain before becoming a frequent contributor to the seminal 2000AD comic, illustrating HARLEM HEROES, DAN DARE and co-creating ROGUE TROOPER. Since then, he has drawn and written for most comics publishers on both sides of the Atlantic. His work has encompassed DR WHO, SUPERMAN, BATMAN, GREEN LANTERN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, DR STRANGE, THE HULK, PREDATOR and ALIENS. With writer Frank Miller he co-created GIVE ME LIBERTY and MARTHA WASHINGTON GOES TO WAR. WATCHMEN, his collaboration with writer Alan Moore, is the best-selling graphic novel ever published and became a major motion picture. His autobiographical graphic novel THE ORIGINALS won an Eisner Award in 2005. His recent work has involved consultancy on motion books for the MADEFIRE app and other ground-breaking storytelling technologies. In games, he has worked with Revolution Games on the classic BENEATH A STEEL SKY and the BROKEN SWORD series. He recently contributed art and story material to Hello Games’ NO MAN’S SKY.

Branko Milutinovic

Nordeus, CEO

Branko is a co-founder and CEO at Nordeus, an independent games developer based in Belgrade. Together with two friends, he built Top Eleven, which went on to become one of the world’s most successful online sports games ever made with over 150m registered users. Under Branko’s leadership, Nordeus has grown into a company of 160 world-class talents. He has shaped it into a place that puts its people first and empowers them with a one for all, all for one mindset. Currently working on bringing Nordeus’ next games to market.

Lorenzo Grimaldi

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, Strategic Content Manager

Lorenzo has taken over the leadership of PlayStation’s Strategic Content, a team he co-created with Shahid Ahmad, after four years as his right hand man. He has helped bring 96 games to PlayStation so far, including Hotline Miami, FEZ, No Man’s Sky, Robinson, Battlezone and EVE: Valkyrie, and he’s currently working on many more, including Hellblade, Boundless, Statik and Nex Machina in his never-ending quest to help independent developers realise their dreams.

Alexander Bobko

Wargaming, Head of Global Special Projects

Alexander joined Wargaming in 2013 to run special marketing projects with a wide-range specifics from sponsoring opportunities in Formula 2.0 “World Series by Renault”, partnering with Abbey Road Studios, implementing innovative projects with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, panoramic VR 360 video projects to running socially responsible WW2 heritage-preserving and educational initiatives by Wargaming globally. Alexander studied international economics, finance, marketing and management at Pantheon-Sorbonne University in Paris and Belarusian State Economic University in Minsk. Before joining Wargaming Alexander worked as press secretary for Volkswagen.

Michael Bork

European Games Group AG, Team Leader Performance Marketing

As a passionate gamer with his background in the music industry Michael joined the gaming industry 2,5 years ago. Being in charge of the paid user acquisition for European Games Group AG, a Germany based publisher for browser- and mobile games, like Tasty Tale and Hero Zero.
He is defining the right channel mix for every title from tech tests to launch scenarios, as well as creative A/B testing and Appstore Optimization.

David Eddings

Gearbox Software, VP of Business Development

Known as the voice behind the lovable robot Claptrap in the Borderlands franchise, David spent most of the past 19 years in the game industry as a behind-the-scenes player.  From publishing games (Max Payne, Tropico, Serious Sam) to producing videogame action figures (Call of Duty, Unreal Tournament) and finally joining independent developer Gearbox Software, David has a wide array of experience in the area of electronic entertainment.

Matej Jenko

Outfit7 (Ekipa2 subsidiary), Principal Game Designer

Matej started his career in 1997, worked in gaming industry, advertising, arts and film. He was employed as 3D artist, 2D artist, story artist, art director and currently enjoys his position as principal game designer for mobile games published by Outfit7, the creators of Talking Tom and Friends.

Tramell Ray Isaac

BossKey Productions, Art Director

Also known as T-Ray he started his career as an animator on Blood and Magic, Fallout and Fallout 2 (as the lead artist on the latter). Among other things, he is responsible for designing the Vault Boy in Fallout. He has worked at Sony Online Entertainment as art director on the original Planetside series. In 2005 he joined Obsidian Entertainment, where he worked on Neverwinter Nights 2 as lead artist. After leaving Obsidian, he joined 3DRealms to work on Duke Nukem Forever in 2006. Before working at BossKey he was Senior Art Director on PlanetSide 2 at Sony Online Entertainment/Daybreak Games.

Thomas Puha

Remedy Entertainment, Head of Communications

Thomas Puha is a force in the Finnish gaming industry. He is the Head of Communications at Remedy Entertainment known for Alan Wake and Quantum Break. Before that he worked at Umbra in cutting edge real-time rendering and was the founder of Finland’s leading gaming magazine, Pelaaja in 2002. He’s written for many of the worlds leading video game magazines such as Edge, GamesTM and Official PlayStation Magazine. Thomas has produced and directed a documentary series on the demoscene for Finnish National Broadcasting Channel and produced gaming TV shows for the legendary MoonTV. In 2010 he was awarded a Peliluola Award from the Finnish Games and Multimedia Association, FIGMA, for his work in the Finnish gaming industry.

Goran Adrinek

Croteam, Lead Gameplay Programmer

Goran Adrinek is a game programmer for 10 years so far,  since 2007 when he joined Croteam. He worked on different programming aspects of all of Croteam’s titles shipped in the last decade: Serious Sam franchise and The Talos Principle. Currently works on Serious Sam 4 while occasionally helping with Croteam’s latest foray into VR.

Martin Ekdal

Simplygon, Founder

Martin Ekdal is an entrepreneur and business developer who for the last 10 years has been building his start-up to a global games-industry brand. Since its inception a decade ago, Simplygon has grown into a standard for automatic optimization of 3D-game content. With world-renowned customers, including Ubisoft, Sony and Microsoft, Simplygon has been licensed for hundreds of AAA game titles such as Assassin’s Creed, League of Legends, Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. More recently the company announced it’s free indie game license – the next big step in the democratization of game development.

Kate Edwards

IGDA, Executive Director

She is the Executive Director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), also the founder and principal consultant of Geogrify. Kate is also the founder and former chair of the IGDA’s Localization Special Interest Group, the co-organizer of the Game Localization Summit at GDC, and is a regular columnist for MultiLingual Computing magazine. In December 2014 she was named by GamesIndustry.biz as one of their six People of the Year in the game industry.

Callum Underwood

Oculus, Developer Relation

Callum is part business development, part producer at Oculus, and has been in charge of working with developers in Europe for the last 3 years as the virtual reality ecosystem has taken shape. He is an expert on VR, and is responsible for bringing a variety of top games to the Oculus platform. Callum was recently named in MCV’s 30 under 30, and has been working in the games industry for 6 years.

Hendrik Lesser

EGDF / remote control productions, President / MD

Hendrik Lesser is Managing Director of the Munich-based production house remote control productions, which he founded in 2005. He is Executive Producer of the development studio Chimera Entertainment, the makers of Angry Birds Epic, as well as President of the EGDF, the European Games Developer Federation and executive board member of the non-profit association “Videospielkultur e.V.”, which focuses on the political and academic acceptance of video games as goods of cultural value.

Ilari Kuittinen

Housemarque, CEO / Co-Founder

Ilari has been managing the award winning Finnish game studio for over 20 years. The company has created several hits including the Nordic Game of the Year winner PS4 game “Resogun”, “Super Stardust HD”, “Outland” and “Dead Nation”. Recently the company announced an collaboration with arcade game developer legend Mr. Eugene Jarvis, it is going to continue company´s tradition to create world class games inspired by the spirit of arcade coin-ops. Ilari has also been the first Chairman of the board of the Finnish Game Developers Association and is currently the Chairman of Neogames, Hub of Finnish Game Industry.

Cvetan Rusimov

Imperia Online, COO

Cvetan Rusimov is the COO of Imperia Online, the biggest Bulgarian game studio with more than 11 years on the market, making games on web and mobile. Their flagship title has 40 million registered players.  Cvetan is a member of the 1st IMGA China Awards Jury and Adviser at global game accelerator Game Founders. He is а games industry professional with 15 years management experience in executive leadership roles and a proven and successful track record. From creation and development to localization, marketing and publishing, he was part of every step of the way. Joining Imperia Online, he raised a team of nine to a multi-million dollar company.

Tomislav Pongrac

Gamepires, Creative Director

In mid-90s, a group of friends, including him got together and founded Croteam and it was then that he did his share on many games including the Serious Sam series. In the last 20 years, he has worked on nearly all aspects of the artistic part of game development, starting with concept art, 2D design, 3D modelling, animation, level design, game design, game-play, directing promotional films and other. At the moment, Tomislav is the creative director at Gamepires, an independent and super ambitious game development team currently working, in cooperation with Croteam and Devolver Digital on their huge open world survival game SCUM

Almir Listo

Starbreeze Studios, Global Brand Director

With a deep insight and solid understanding of game development, Almir has become a crucial cog at Starbreeze Studios. With over 10 years of experience within many parts of game development as well as tutoring in the educational field, Almir is now the Global Brand Director at Starbreeze Studios and the face of the PAYDAY franchise. Very much like a Shaman in WoW, Almir is a hybrid; being active in game development, at forums, events as well as the publishing arm of Starbreeze. So if you have a good idea for a game that needs funding – let him hear your elevator pitch

John Graham

Humble Bundle, Co-Founder

John started his career in the video game industry in 2008 as a founding member of the indie studio Wolfire Games where he helped with business development, pr and community management. In 2010 John co-founded Humble Bundle, a pay-what-you-want plus charity platform for selling video games where he has served as the company’s COO. Over the past 6 years the company has grown beyond its iconic pay-what-you-want bundles to launching a permanent storefront, a subscription service and expanding beyond pc gaming to other types of digital content while raising 80 million dollars for charity.

Mirko Topalski

Eipix Entertainment, CEO

Over the course of the past decade, under Mirko’s guidance Eipix has steadily grown and evolved to finally reach the status of the world’s most productive developer of HOPA games. Mirko himself was awarded the prestigious EY award as Serbia’s fastest growing entrepreneur for 2015. He is also a frequent speaker at various gamedev and entrepreneurial events in the region and around the world. More recently, Eipix has entered the free-to- play market as a self-publishing company. Fuelled by Mirko’s vision and ambition, the company is also in the process of expanding onto various other fields of the gaming and entertainment industry, with major plans for VR/AR games, comic book publishing and animated film production.

Patrice Desilets

Panache Digital Games, Co-founder/Creative director

With a background in film and literature, Patrice Desilets’ creative vision revolutionized game design with the original Assassin’s Creed. Besides AC series Désilets’ other credits include Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, as well as many others. Another AAA original IP, 1666: Amsterdam, was being developed in 2013. Patrice is inspired by history and the stories they tell. He is currently working on his own AAA project – Ancestors.

Agostino Simonetta

Microsoft Xbox, ID@Xbox Regional Lead

A veteran of the videogame industry, Agostino has spent the last 10 years of his career working with the independent development community. In his current role, Agostino is supporting European developers publishing their games on Xbox and the Windows ecosystem. In his spare time he loves reading Mangas, racing go-karts and play with his lovely daughters Julia and Sylvia.

Meg Jyanth

Freelance Writer

Meg is a Writer’s Guild of Great Britain award-winning writer, and game-maker. She was lead writer on inkle Studios 80 Days – nominated for four BAFTAs (including Best Story) & named TIME’s Game of 2014, amongst other accolades. She has guest written for Failbetter’s Sunless Sea, created Storynexus title Samsara, and is currently working on several upcoming game projects. She was also was named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in games in 2015.

Chris Avellone

Freelancer, writer/game designer

A veteran writer and game designer, being a RPG genre legend Chris began his career at Black Isle Studios, working on Planescape: Torment, Fallout 2, the Icewind Dale series, Dark Alliance, Knights of the Old Republic II, Neverwinter Nights 2, Mask of the Betrayer, Alpha Protocol, Fallout: New Vegas + DLCs, and South Park. His more recent work includes inXile’s Wasteland 2, FTL: Advanced Edition, Pillars of Eternity, and is currently working on inXile’s Torment: Tides of Numenera and Divinity: Original Sin II by Larian Studios.

Nikola Čavić

Nordeus, Head of Business Development

Nikola Čavić is the Head of Business Development at Nordeus, an independent games developer based in Belgrade. Since joining Nordeus back in 2012, Nikola has played a key role in the international expansion and corporate development of its hit titles. Prior to joining Nordeus, Nikola spent five years with CCP Games where he was responsible for sales and the global distribution of EVE Online. Throughout his career, he has been involved in a number of international projects with global leaders in the gaming industry.

Alberto Belli

Gamera Interactive, CEO

Alberto started his career in 2000 as journalist before moving on publishing and production. He has been in charge for Italian Marketing & PR for publishers such as Midway, Eidos and Bethesda among others, pushing brands as Unreal Tournament, Mortal Kombat, Fallout and many others. Brought Eurogamer brand in Italy in 2008 before moving back again on the dark side of game development, being in the management of Milestone and Forge Reply and founding Storm in a Teacup in 2014. He uses his spare time teaching dev tips to young developers in universities and giving talks around on how “game development is about reliability and substainable business”. He is now the guy behind Gamera Interactive.

Rami Ismail

Vlambeer, Co-Founder

Rami Ismail is the Business & Development Guy at Vlambeer, a Dutch independent game studio known best for Wasteland Kings, Ridiculous Fishing, Super Crate Box, LUFTRAUSERS, GUN GODZ, Serious Sam: The Random Encounter & Radical Fishing. Believing sharing knowledge openly is the cornerstone of independent development, Rami has spoken on a variety of subjects at dozens of game events around the world.

Tom Putzki

Wargaming, European Spokeperson

Tom Putzki is a veteran in the games industry with a track record of more than 50 games from casual games to full price blockbuster. Since more than 5 years Tom is with Wargaming, the publisher and developer of worldwide blockbuster ‘World of Tanks’ based in Berlin. His role is European Spokesperson and he serves as a member of both Global PR Leads and European Director’s board. Tom was the founding CEO of G.A.M.E. – German Game Developers Association for 2 years. Tom is member of the advisory boards of gamescom, GIST and Quo Vadis. He teaches ‘Games Business’ and ‘Games Marketing’ at the Games Academy in Berlin and Frankfurt and ‘Corporate Management’ at the MD.H in Duesseldorf.

Marija Skaljac

Qube, Founder and Creative Director

Marija has been working with computer graphics for over 15 years in a variety of roles. She worked on different pc and mobile games projects as a 3D artist, character modeler, animator, environment artist and art director. Her skills encompass 2D and 3D art, animation and game design. In 2007 she founded Qube 3D Studio, as an art outsourcing studio specialized in high quality computer graphics. Qube has also developed their own games including multiple winning entries in competitions and just recently reached the 5 million installs mark with one title.

Matthew Steinke

CD Projekt RED, Lead Technical Designer

Matthew Steinke is hands-on developer with over 17 years in the industry, he has shipped a number of critically-acclaimed games including Mortal Kombat, Psi-Ops, Stranglehold, Splinter Cell and most recently, 2015’s Game of the Year, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Having excelled in a variety of roles, his expertise spans multiple disciplines including programming, game design, level design and production. Now, as the CD PROJEKT RED takes its next steps beyond the award-winning Witcher franchise, Matthew continues his work as Lead Technical Designer on the upcoming title, Cyberpunk 2077

Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro

White Owls Inc., CEO

President and CEO of White Owls Inc. Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro is a video game developer who was the director of Spy Fiction and best known for their unique mystery horror game, Deadly Premonition, and also stylish, time traveling adventure, D4: Dead Dreams Don’t Die. In his games SWERY brings his own unique flavor of drama and the surreal, paired with fantastical scenarios and wild, memorable encounters. He is commonly known by the nickname “Swery65”.

Ari Pulkinen

AriTunes, CEO

Ari is an award winning composer and sound designer. With over 13 years of professional experience, his works include original and award winning music and audio for games such as Angry Birds (he crated the famous Angry Birds theme), Resogun, Alienation, Super Stardust HD and Trine -series. Among many awards that Ari gathered throughout the years just some of those that stand out are Hall of Fame in Pocket Gamer, Finnish Game Developer of the Year 2011 and Best PS4 Audio Award 2013 from Resogun by IGN and many others.

Mike Bithell

Mike Bithell Games, Video Games Designer

Mike Bithell is a British game designer, best known for his breakout indie hit, Thomas Was Alone. A story-driven platform puzzle game, Thomas Was Alone won a BAFTA for its star, Danny Wallace. On August 18, Mike released Volume, a commercially and critically successful action stealth game. Mike’s work emphasizes storytelling and focused game design with a growing team of professionals.

Pawel Miechowski

11 bit studios, Senior Writer

Pawel is a senior writer at 11 bit studios and one of marketing ninjas behind all 11 bit titles. He’s started his game industry career in 1996 working as an animator for “The Prince and The Coward” point’n’click adventure game made by Metropolis Software. Later on moved to CD Projekt Group and since 2010 he’s a part of the team at 11 bit studios. Privately a husband and a father of two, great fan of indie games and a crazy fan of football and rakija.

Mike Hines

Amazon Appstore, Developer Evangelist

Mike Hines is a Developer Evangelist at Amazon in Seattle, Washington. Mike comes to Amazon after four startups and 13 years at Microsoft. At Amazon, Mike helped launch the Kindle eInk app development project, has written mobile app test criteria, judged games at major conferences like Casual Connect, White Nights and Pocket Gamer Connects, and is a blogger for Amazon Appstore and other tech blogs. Mike is currently a mentor at several accelerators, including GameFounders in Kuala Lumpur. Moving forward, Mike wants to bring developer feedback back to Amazon and is on a continuing mission to find out what is and isn’t currently working in mobile app monetization.

Kadri Ugand

GameFounders, Co-Founder

Kadri Ugand is the Co-founder of GameFounders, the global gaming startup accelerator. GameFounders has built up a network of 200+ mentors, partners and friends from the game industry to help young studios grow. Over the past few years she has seen over 1000 gaming startups  and invested in 70 teams so far. Regularly speaking at games conferences around the globe on strategies, investment and networking, she enjoys contributing to the growth of exceptional teams. Kadri is also one of the founders and president of the IGDA Estonia chapter and founder of Digix, the first digital creative media incubator in the Baltic states.

Michael Putz

Bongfish, CEO

Michael Putz is the CEO and principal owner of Bongfish, the Austria-based development studio who developed the critically acclaimed Stoked series of snowboarding games, Harms Way, Red Bull Crashed Ice, the reboot of Motocross Madness for Microsoft and recently acquired the Smurfs Village franchise. Michael attributes the work of the demo-scene, as his biggest influence.

Krešimir Špes

Cateia Games, CTO

Krešimir started his game programming career in 1998, bashing through an endless stream of tutorials over a lousy 56k connection. Soon he joined with 2 other guys in and they worked tirelessly to what would soon become Cateia Games. One small step at a time, against many odds and with no funding whatsoever beside their parents’ allowance, the three of them managed to reach impressive heights. Today Cateia Games numbers more than 40 people and about 30 released games, partnering with the leading publishers to create high quality casual adventure and strategy games.

Brinkley Warren

MegaBots, Co-Founder

Daring mighty things, Brinkley Warren is a serial-entrepreneur and creative producer previously involved in wide-range of industries including gaming and sports entertainment, music, advertising, robotics, genetics, mobile commerce, and artificial intelligence.  Most recently Brinkley co-founded MegaBots, Inc. to launch an international sports league of giant, human-piloted robot combat that will accelerate innovation in the robotics industry, develop futuristic human/machine interfaces, and unite the world with a transmedia storytelling franchise that inspires the next generation of the maker movement, and that blurs the line between reality and augmented reality through unprecedented audience participation.

Alexis Kennedy

Ronin Writer / Indie Developer

Alexis founded Failbetter Games, where he made Fallen London and Sunless Sea among other things. He’s now gone ronin to do guest-writing gigs for clients like BioWare and Paradox, and to work on an experimental narrative monstrosity, Cultist Simulator!

Dan Vavra

Warhorse Studio, Creative Director

Dan Vavra is considered to be the godfather of the Mafia series and one of the most recognizable Czech developers. His career started at Illusion Softworks and his first project was Hidden and Dangerous where he worked as a 2D artist. Since 2011 he is a creative director at Warhorse Studios working on realistic medieval open world RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which is one of the most successful crowdfunded games so far.

Mikael Haveri

Housemarque, Head of Publishing

The Head of Publishing at Housemarque, a Finnish developer with old-school arcade titles like “Resogun” and the more modern twin-stick shooter “Alienation”. Always had a passion for working with indie scope releases, like in the past with the Trine franchise from Frozenbyte.  Focusing on all parts of the development cycle, from concept to launch marketing. Main high points include creating the first ever company specific Humble Bundle.

Ivan Zorkic

Mad Head Games, Executive Producer

After obtaining his Master’s Degree in Architecture, Ivan reassigned his pen from designing buildings to designing games. As one of the original members of Mad Head Games, he was the lead artist when the studio had just five members. Almost a decade later, with Mad Head Games counting more than a hundred developers, Ivan is involved in design, production, management and art direction as the Executive Producer and the Executive Artist. Even today, he still likes to grab his pen and try to draw his way out of most challenges. And he plays a lot of games. A lot. He claims it’s a part of his job.

Arnold Nesis

Capricia Productions, CEO / Composer

Arnold Nesis is an Israeli music composer, mostly known for his work in video games and media. Arnold has worked with companies in the United States, Europe, Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere and currently is the CEO of “Capricia Productions”, making interactive music video game albums. Recently, the company has been focusing on the development of “The Birdcage” – a music album fully produced as a video game, featuring leading artists from Guns N’ Roses, (former) Evanescence, Within Temptation, Epica and others.

Jakub Dvorsky

Amanita Design, CEO

Jakub is the founder, lead game designer and creative director in Amanita Design, Czech based award-winning independent studio best known for puzzle adventure games Machinarium, Botanicula and Samorost series. The studio currently consists of several separate teams which are at the moment working on four upcoming games

Marko Brockman

Fingersoft, Game Developer

Marko Brockman joined Fingersoft four years ago, and has since worked as designer and programmer for the company’s top titles: Hill Climb Racing and Hill Climb Racing 2, which total well over 500 million installations to date. His dark past includes Symbian C++ programming, which led to the birth of his passion for mobile games already in the age of J2ME and S60, for which he self-published a few titles.

Adam Sporka

Warhorse Studios, Adaptive Music Designer

Adam Sporka is a creator, programmer, and researcher of interactive audio. He writes and produces music for multimedia installations and intermedia performances, pop-music songs, as well as symphonic music. He contributes to Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s adaptive music soundtrack as the designer and composes a part of its music content. As a faculty member at the Czech Technical University, he teaches and conducts research on user experience, audio interfaces, artificial creativity, and accessibility of interactive systems. He consults for several tech startups.

Slobodan Danilovic

Take One, Co-Founder / Lead Animator

Slobodan has been working in the gaming industry for more then a decade. With two co-founders he currently runs Take One animation studio with a 400 square meters motion capture facility and supervises a team of animators in processing motion capture and keyframe animation for a wide variety of game projects. His team recently worked on titles like Gwent – The Witcher card game, Mirrors Edge 2, Battlefront:Star Wars, Vikings:Wolves Of Midgard, The Witcher 3 with both expansion packs, and in the past on titles like Battlefield, Mad Max, Kane&Lynch, Alan Wake, World Of Tanks and many more…

Ivan Trančik

Cellense, CEO / Founder

Ivan is a game business analyst working with fast growing and critically acclaimed game studios such as Eipix, Housemarque, Keen Software House and Xim. He identifies business bottlenecks and opportunities that help game managers to focus on the most important issues. As an avid CS:GO player he is passionate about competitive gaming – he views eSports as the way how to engage with the core audience and make games prosper for years.

Tsahi Liberman

TapOnIt, CTO

Tsahi is an Israeli game developer & designer, well known for his work for companies in Israel and abroad, such as Tabtale, Compedia, BrainPop, Sesame Workshop, Disney, Nickelodeon, BBC, HopTV, BabyfirstTV, Styrax, Funtime and more. He is currently the CTO of a new game studio TapOnIt, developing RPG themed casual games, while working on two additional big titles. furthermore, Tsahi has been a director in GameIS, the Israeli game developers association, creating content for game conferences and teaching game design & development

Masatoshi Tokuoka

Writer / Game Journalist

As a game reviewer and games media journalist Tokuoka-san contributed a lot to 4Gamer.net (one of the largest online PC games media in Japan) for almost 10 years. Also he has been a columns writer for Command Magazine Japanese Ed. (table top wargame magazine). Recently, as a game journalist, he edited a book named “Games Now”. 17 writers with special skills and knowledges (like Mr. Sho Sato) contributed articles, to make a “text book for beginners”. It covers range of topic from game-economics to VR technology. As a game story writer, he participated in designing a main scenario for “Sen-no-Kaizoku”(SEGA).

Charles Cecil

Revolution Software, CEO

Charles Cecil MBE has been a key figure in the interactive entertainment industry for over 30 years. CEO and co-founder of Revolution Software, Charles created the multi-million selling Broken Sword series which is one of the world’s most successful adventure franchises. Charles was awarded the status of ‘industry legend’ by Develop, Europe’s leading development magazine.

Michael Liebe

Booster Space, Berlin, CEO & Founder

Michael Liebe is CEO and founder of Booster Space and head of the International Games Week Berlin, the VR NOW Con & Award as well as the brand-new VR Game, Duel VR. Moreover, he is Ambassador of the industry network, games.net berlinbrandenburg and amongst others, responsible for the contents of the Berlin-meets-Poland project. Michael is an advocate of crowdfunding and supports Kickstarter as Outreach Games in Europe since January ‘16. In the past 8+ years he has initiated the Action Day for New Talent in Tech, Digital Business and Media, Womenize!, the industry network, games.net berlin-brandenburg, the indie games and art festival, A MAZE., DIGAREC and many other events and programs surrounding digital media industry and culture.

Rade Vujovic

Zero Gravity, Co-Founder

Rade is General Manager of Roaming Solutions group of companies from Belgrade. He’s been in the IT industry for 15 years working on challenging projects across the world. Beginning of 2015, he entered the gaming industry by co-founding Zero Gravity games studio. Their project was SF survival game Hellion that was released on Steam Early Access on February 24, 2017. Hellion had a great start and it continues to be one of the most promising sci-fi games in global games market. Since 2015 with his teammates Rade has also been developing freemium mobile MMO strategy video game Teritorio which will be released in H2 2017.

Jan Ilavsky

Hyperbolic Magnetism, CEO

He is a self-taught game developer / musician based in Prague with an eye for quirky and small titles that will hook you up for days. As a huge game jam enthusiast he once entered Ludum Dare, designed and programmed a prototype for a small game called Chameleon Run with one arm broken. Two years later he won the Apple Design Award for it. He is indie developer through and through always working on multiple projects at the same time and tinkering with new platforms in his Hyperbolic Magnetism studio.

Emil Esov

Mad Head Games, Senior Producer and Game Designer

Emil Esov is a hardcore gamer and a highly competitive spirit with e-sports experience. He began his early career in game development with 3d modeling and dabbled in 2d art and animation before focusing on game design. Currently, he works as a producer and game designer in Mad Head Games. Great majority of the games produced by Studio bear his unique out-of-the-box design. At the moment, he is one of the masterminds of Mad Head Games most ambitious project yet – Kingewitch; a AAA hack n slash RPG inspired by the very cream of the crop in the genre that adds its own unique mix of reactive and competitive game play to the fray.

Damjan Mravunac

Croteam, CMO

Damjan Mravunac has been at the helm of Croteam’s music department for past 16 years, and has worked with many other dev teams across the globe, scoring more than 40 video games in his career. His latest work was on Croteam’s first VR endeavour Serious Sam VR and critically acclaimed title The Talos Principle, which landed numerous awards and nominations for one of the best titles in 2014.

Ethan Watson

Remedy Entertainment, Senior Engine Programmer

Ethan Watson is the Senior Engine Programmer at Remedy Entertainment, a world-renowned game development studio with games such as Max Payne, Alan Wake, and Quantum Break to their name. Before that Ethan worked for several years at Krome Studios on a variety of titles.
He hails from the fictional land of Australia, where everything – including the sun – tries to kill you. Having survived his upbringing, he found himself needing to pay his bills and what better way is there to do so than working on cutting-edge real time technology?

Antti Tiihonen

Almost Human, Co-Founder

Antti is an indie game developer and a freelancer who likes to work in multiple creative roles, preferably all at once. He is one of the co-founders of Almost Human, the micro-sized indie studio behind super successful Legend of Grimrock series of old school role playing games. Antti worked on the games’ level design, game design, sound effects, graphics and ambient music, among other things, and he is always looking for new ways to challenge himself.

Damir Đurović

Reboot, Managing Director / Co-Founder

Having 20 years of gaming media and marketing/PR experience, he has worked on numerous gaming media projects. His most recent endeavor is managing the rapid growth of REBOOT games industry brand together with an en excellent and agile small team. REBOOT brand today spans both the biggest video gaming magazine in SE Europe, biggest consumer games show – Reboot InfoGamer and one of the best game developer conferences in Europe – Reboot Develop.