Speaker lineup has now been revealed in full, and schedule is online!

We have revealed in full our truly stellar Reboot Develop 2018 speaker lineup! There will be 111 speakers in 7 tracks speaking during 3 days of the conference. You can find the full speech schedule here!

Hideki Kamiya

PlatinumGames, Game Designer / Director

Born in 1970 in Matsumoto city he joined Capcom Co. Ltd. in 1994. There he served as the first director on Resident Evil 2 and later as director on Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe titles. In 2006, he directed and released with his Clover Studio a unique title Okami and won a grand prize at the 10th Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival Entertainment Division. He is currently game designer and director at PlatinumGames Co., Ltd. After producing Bayonetta in 2009 and The Wonderful 101 he is currently super busy with work on his newest project at the studio!

Nina Kristensen

Ninja Theory, Co-Founder / CEO

Nina began her video games career as a junior artist at Sony’s Cambridge studio. Nina founded Just Add Monsters in 2000 with two other partners. In 2004 Just Add Monsters became Ninja Theory, with their first title, Heavenly Sword, launching for PS3 in 2007. Through partnership with various publishers Ninja Theory went on to create Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, DmC: Devil May Cry, and Disney Infinity 3.0. In 2017 Ninja Theory made the step into self-publishing with the multi-award winning Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Nina continues to lead Ninja Theory’s ambitions in striving for quality, innovation and immersion across all of Ninja Theory’s experiences.

Tim Schafer

Double Fine Productions, CEO / creative director

Veteran game designer and creator, one of the true industry legends best known for acclaimed titles such as Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, Full Throttle, Brutal Legend, Monkey Island series and Day of The Tentacle. After a decade spent working at Lucas Arts he founded Double Fine Productions that among few other great titles released an amazing adventure game Broken Age. He is currently working with his team full time on Psychonauts 2!

Josh Sawyer

Obsidian Entertainment, Game Director / Game Designer

Josh is a video game director and game designer best known for his amazing work on more than few legendary RPGs from Black Isle glory days, including being designer and director on Icewind Dale II, Neverwinter Nights 2 and Fallout: New Vegas, as well as the cancelled Van Buren and Baldur’s Gate III: The Black Hound. He is currently working as game director at Obisdian Entertainment and he was the Project Director and Lead Designer on Pillars of Eternity, homage to the legendary Baldur’s Gate. He is right now acting as the Game Director of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire which is to release in early 2017.

Robin Hunicke

Funomena, Co-Founder / CEO

Robin is the Co-Founder and CEO of the independent game studio Funomena, which creates experimental games for Console, PC, VR & AR platforms including the award winning, IGF-Nomindated VR fairytale Luna, and the highly-anticipated collaboration with Keita Takahashi, Wattam. A game designer and producer by training, she has a background in Computer Science, Art and applied Game Studies. She has been designing, making and teaching about games for over 15 years (Journey, Boom Blox, MySims, TheSims2). Robin is an outspoken evangelist for increasing the participation of women and under-represented minorities within the Arts, Games & Tech.

Fredrik Wester

Paradox Interactive, CEO / Principal Owner

Fredrik Wester is the CEO and Principal Owner of Paradox Interactive, the Sweden-based games company best known for developing PC strategy games like Stellaris, Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings and Hearts of Iron series as well as publishing a wide range of titles including Cities Skylines, Pillars of Eternity and Magicka. Since 2003, Wester has built Paradox from a 7-man studio to an international publisher with around 300 employees and another 10 partner companies (200 people) making games on contract. Paradox is publicly traded on Nasdag First North Premier under the trading symbol PDX. Wester has been in leading positions at Paradox for 15 years and acted as CEO & President for the past 9 years.

Atsushi Inaba

PlatinumGames, Executive Vice President and Studio Head

Born in Ishikawa prefecture in 1971, Atsushi Inaba already had a rich background in the games industry when he joined Capcom in 1998. He became a producer in 2000, and CEO of Clover Studio, a Capcom second-party development studio, in 2004. Inaba left Capcom in 2006 to establish the independent studio SEEDS Inc., which would merge with ODD Inc. in October 2007 to become PlatinumGames. As PlatinumGames’ Executive Creative Producer, Inaba has supervised the development of every one of PlatinumGames titles.

Harry Miller

Devolver Digital, Co-Founder / CEO

Based in Austin Texas. Co-founder of Devolver Digital and prior to that Gathering of Developers. Devolver is an artist friendly independent games company that that was built up over the past nine years. Devolver Digital works with games developer from all over the world and considers Croatia the bedrock of their company through their well known association with Croteam.

Austin Wintory

Composer / Artist

Grammy-nominated and two-time British Academy Award-winning composer Austin Wintory diverse career has straddled the worlds of games, films and concert music. In 2012, Austin’s soundtrack for the hit PS3 game Journey became the first-ever Grammy-nominated videogame score, also winning two British Academy Awards plus many others. Austin’s score for the earlier game flOw made him the youngest composer ever to receive a British Academy Award nomination. Since Journey’s release Austin’s subsequent scores to The Banner Saga, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and ABZU have each earned BAFTA nominations.

Julian Gollop

Snapshot Games, CEO / game designer

Julian is best known as the designer of the original X-COM series from the 1990s. He has been developing computer games since 1982, releasing 8-bit titles such as ‘Chaos’ and ‘Laser Squad’. In 2005 he moved to Bulgaria and worked for Ubisoft Sofia as a designer and producer on several titles, including the BAFTA nominated 3DS launch title Ghost Recon Shadow Wars. In 2014 he set up Snapshot Games with David Kaye, founder of Gaming Insiders, and crowdfunded Chaos Reborn – a reinvention of the original 1985 8-bit game Chaos. In June 2017 his latest game Phoenix Point – a spiritual successor to the original X-COM – was funded on fig.co and is his most ambitious project yet.

Raul Rubio

Tequila Works, CEO and creative director

Raul was co-founder and managing director of MercurySteam Entertainment (‘Castlevania: Lords of Shadow’) before looking for indier pastures as founder, CEO and creative director of boutique studio Tequila Works (‘RiME’). With a background and degree in computer engineering and classic education in visual arts, Raúl directed the beautifully back lit dead world of BAFTA-nominee ‘Deadlight’, the oniric, evocative colorful world inspired by the light of the Mediterranean of RiME. Tequila Works has been co-developing and publishing with Cavalier Game Studios The Sexy Brutale in 2017. He is currently working on the convoluted crossed stories of Tequila Works’ immersive theater VR experience, The Invisible Hours.

Imre Jele

Bossa Studios, Creator in Chief / Co-Founder

A lifelong gamer and game-creator, Imre is an expert in game design, AI mechanics, procedural content, narrative, cross-media, and audience engagement. He’s known for promoting innovative and collaborative creative approaches to game creation, including Bossa’s regular internal Game Jams. Throughout his colourful career, Imre has worked on a wide range of game genres and platforms. He’s Co-founder and Creator-in-Chief of the BAFTA and other multiple award winning Bossa Studios, creators of Surgeon Simulator and Worlds Adrift.

Patrice Desilets

Panache Digital Games, Creative Director / Co-Founder

With a background in film and literature, Patrice Désilets’ creative vision revolutionized game design with the original Assassin’s Creed. Besides AC series Désilets’ other credits include Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, as well as many others. Another AAA original IP, 1666: Amsterdam, was being developed in 2013. Patrice is inspired by history and the stories they tell. He is currently working on his own AAA project – ANCESTORS: The Humankind Odyssey. Patrice has become well known for doing worldwide exclusive reveals at every Reboot Develop so far.

Ilari Kuittinen

Housemarque, CEO

Ilari Kuittinen is the CEO of Housemarque and has been managing the award-winning Finnish game studio for over 20 years. Mr. Kuittinen co-founded the company with Harri Tikkanen in 1995. Housemarque has created several critically acclaimed hits over the years including one of the best reviewed games of 2017 Nex Machina (Metacritic 88), the PS4 launch title Resogun and critics favorite Outland for PS3 & Xbox 360. The studio is currently employing over 50 talented game developers at the downtown Helsinki studio.

Jen MacLean

IGDA, Executive Director

As the Executive Director of the IGDA and IGDA Foundation, Jen MacLean works to build a more inclusive game development community and support game developers around the world in achieving sustainable, fulfilling careers.  From the start of her career as a playtester at Microprose Software, through senior roles at AOL, Comcast, and StoryArc Media, Jen has managed game development, strategy, marketing, business development and partnerships across multiple gaming platforms. She was named one of the “Game Industry’s 100 Most Influential Women” by Next Generation, one of the “Top 20 Women in Games” by Gamasutra, and is a frequently-requested speaker at interactive entertainment industry events.

Admir Elezovic

Croteam, Art Director / Co-Founder

Admir is best known as Croteam cofounder and original team member on Serious Sam series. He has been doing art from early 1990s. In 1994 Admir worked as artist on Amiga version of well received Football Glory game and as programmer on PC version. In 2011 criticaly acclaimed Serious Sam TFE was released. In 2014 big hit for Croteam, Talos Principle where Admir served as Lead artist, was released. Currently, Admir heads art department and is busy working on Serious Sam 4 and other interesting projects in Croteam. His passion is photogrammetry and motion capture pipeline for games and VR.

Paul Wedgwood

Splash Damage, Co-Founder / CEO

Entrepreneur and gaming fanatic, Paul Wedgwood started London based video games developer Splash Damage in 2001. Under Paul’s leadership, Splash Damage has grown from a modest games development team to a studio which has created some of the world’s most engaging multiplayer experiences. The studio most recently released Gears of War 4 Multiplayer and has its first wholly owned IP for PC, Dirty Bomb in Open Beta on Steam. Setting an example in the industry, Paul is focused on making blockbuster multiplayer games while remaining entirely dedicated to employee and player happiness.

Inon Zur


Three-time BAFTA nominated composer Inon Zur is internationally renowned for his emotionally dynamic original music scores for film, television and popular video game franchises, such as the Fallout series, Dragon Age series, Disney’s Fantasia, and Prince of Persia series. Inon is definitely one of the rare few composers belonging to what is considered to be A-list in video games industry. Among many other incredible games he has scored both Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4 as well as Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 for all of which he gained numerous awards.

Nikola Kudus

3Lateral, Lead Programmer

Nikola worked as a programmer developing big data information systems for couple of years, after which moved to CG and game industry 8 years ago, looking for new challenges.
He joined 3Lateral team in early beginnings, helping by creating the first pipeline tools based on previous experience and knowledge which pushed team efficiency and proficiency to the new levels. Now, Nikola works as lead programmer at 3Lateral, syncing research and development threads with company and industry needs, actively shaping company’s identity and culture.

David Fernandez Huerta

ustwo games, Lead Artist

David is the Lead Artist at ustwo games, where he was Art Director of Monument Valley 2. Also with ustwo games he was an artist, animator and level designer on both Monument Valley and Land’s End. David started making games when he was 13, and became a professional 10 years ago. In this time he has worked on games for many different platforms and formats, from handheld consoles to VR headsets, always striving to make games that are surprising, welcoming and beautiful. He’s also a regular speaker and teacher and loves dinosaurs and birds, which are the same thing.

Charles Cecil

Revolution Software, CEO

Charles Cecil has been a key figure in the interactive entertainment industry for over 30 years. CEO and co-founder of Revolution Software, Charles created the multi-million selling Broken Sword series which is one of the world’s most successful adventure franchises. Charles was awarded the status of ‘industry legend’ by Develop, Europe’s leading development magazine. Currently him and his team at Revolution Software are working on redefining classical adventure game genre while developing their next big game.

Caralyn Cooley

Nordeus, Chief People Officer

Caralyn is the Chief People Officer at Nordeus, the independent gaming studio best known for Top Eleven, the world’s most successful mobile sports game. Before joining Nordeus, Caralyn led and worked in HR for some leading global brands including Jet.com, Amazon, and Pepsico. Through investments in their players, people, and community, the team at Nordeus is on a mission to deliver premium experiences at every stage of the employee journey.

Jerry Prochazka

Wargaming, Head of Wargaming Alliance

Jerry Prochazka is the Head of Wargaming Alliance at Wargaming.net, which is the 3rd Party Publishing arm of Wargaming and includes the partnership with SEGA and Creative Assembly for Total War: ARENA. Prior to moving to the island of Cyprus with Wargaming, Jerry was on the leadership team at Riot Games in Los Angeles as the Head of Talent.  Under his leadership, Riot Games was ranked #13 on Fortune’s “Best Places to Work” in 2014 and 2015. A lifelong gamer, Jerry has never stopped playing games, whether board games, video games, or pen and paper RPG’s.

Daniel Rantala

Fingersoft, VP of Publishing

During his career Daniel has been involved in various different-sized companies mostly relating to digital technology and entertainment. Currently he is extremely happy and proud to reside at Fingersoft, the gaming powerhouse behind the Hill Climb Racing franchise. During his colorful career, his responsibilities have ranged from business development to marketing (UA, campaigning, PR), sales (analytics, deals, direct sales, BI), management (board memberships, HR, organizational planning), and of course coffee-making and fooling around. He is currently heading Fingersoft’s publishing wing Round Zero.

Rui Manuel Monteiro Casais

Funcom, CEO

Rui started in Funcom in 2004 as a Junior AI Programmer for Age of Conan. Two years later he became Lead Programmer on the project and after Age of Conan launched in 2008 he was promoted to Chief Technology Officer, establishing a technology team for the Company’s DreamWorld engine. In 2009 he moved to Montreal to start Funcom Games Canada, where he stayed until 2011 when he moved back to Oslo. Rui became CEO and Managing Director in 2015 and has since then been steering the company with his passion for games and his technology and business acumen.

Bill Weizheng Wang

360 Games, President, Overseas Business

Bill Weizheng Wang is President, Overseas Business at 360 Games, a subsidiary of 360. 360 is one of the largest internet companies in China with over 400 million PC users and 800 million mobile users. 360 Games is a leading mobile and PC game publisher. Prior to that, he was Corporate Vice President and Head of Global Investment/Business Development at Perfect World. He helped establish Perfect World’s US operations and was responsible for investments in acclaimed developers including Runic Games and Unknown Worlds. He also pioneered Perfect World’s efforts to develop strategic partnerships with industry giants like Valve.

Mitja Kravos

Outfit7 / Ekipa 2 General Manager

Gaming proved to be a lifelong love for Mitja Kravos, one he discovered early while playing with his first console, the Sega Master System. After studying Computer Science at university, he joined a large outsourcing company, working on various projects in development, before joining Outfit7 Group in 2013 as Senior Software Architect. During his time at the company, he has worked on the backend of some of Outfit7’s biggest hits, including My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela, and helped build the backend team. Today, he’s the General Manager of Outfit7’s Ekipa 2, subsidiary in Ljubljana, managing 200+ employees, and acting as VP of HR.

Anya Combs

Kickstarter, Games Outreach Lead

Anya Combs is the Games Outreach Lead at Kickstarter, where she focuses on working with game creators. She has been active in the digital games space for nearly a decade, overseeing multiple mobile and online titles launched for Nickelodeon & AddictingGames. She is excited to continue supporting developers through the most widespread crowdfunding platform out there, as they bring their creative projects to life.

Mike Wilson

Devolver Digital / Good Shepherd, Co-Founder

Mike Wilson is a co-founder of Devolver Digital and Good Shepherd Entertainment, along with several other independent development and publishing companies dating back to when Kurt Cobain was still performing live. He is proud to have spent the entirety of his career in games fighting the good fight for the independent developers’ side of the business, and is very happy to have worked with some of the brightest talents on the planet and having helped them birth many of the most beloved franchises in gaming, particularly on the PC, without having ever asking them to compromise creatively or to surrender their IP.

Dan Vavra

Warhorse, Creative Director / Co-Founder

Dan Vávra is one of the most recognizable Czech game developers. His career started at Illusion Softworks and he first worked on Hidden and Dangerous as a 2D artist and then become director and writer on Mafia series. Since 2011 he is a creative director at Warhorse Studios which just released realistic medieval open world RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance – one of the most successful crowdfunded games so far. The game sold one million units in first week.

Hendrik Lesser

remote control productions, CEO / Founder

On the back of his vast experience as a producer for games such as the legendary original series Sacred, as well as smaller external production roles in Max Payne 1 and GTA 3 he has been building a network of independent development studios throughout Europe over a period of 12 years. Today, the rcp developer family consists of 11 studios in Germany, Austria, Finland and Romania. Hendrik is also a co-founder and Executive Producer of Chimera Entertainment. From its humble beginnings as a student team, Chimera has grown to the 60 heads strong development studio behind the AAA mobile productions Angry Birds Evolution and Angry Birds Epic (100+ million downloads).

Ste Curran

Freelance, Designer / Speaker / misc.

Ste is a videogame designer, lecturer and creative consultant from London, England. He works with studios across the world to help teams define and refine their games, but you might know him from the radio show he co-presents, One Life Left or as 1/3 of industry-leading karaoke oddity Marioke. At conferences he’s best known for his storytelling monologues and he’ll premiere a brand new talk at Reboot Develop 2018.

Patryk Grzeszczuk

11 bit studios, Marketing Director

Patryk as a marketing director at 11 bit studios is focusing on game marketing and digital communication. A devoted gamer for the last twenty five years and a brand/marketing specialist for the last twelve years. He believes that games are a new language and as such should be used to tell stories that matter. As a part of the 11 bit studios team, he has been responsible for developing marketing/advertising strategies for This War of Mine, Beat Cop, and Frostpunk among other titles. Doodling and longboarding enthusiast after hours.

Milos Jerabek

Wargaming, Development Director of World of Tanks PC

Milos started in the game industry more than 14 years ago, when he created together with his friend new team First Reality to work on 2,5D adventure games. Since then, Milos was working as designer and producer in multiple companies around Europe, including 2K Czech and Remedy Entertainment and worked on games like Mafia II, Top Spin 4 or Quantum Break, where he was as Production Director responsible for delivering the game to the players.
Lately, Milos joined Wargaming as the Development Director World of Tanks PC, driving the production of one of the biggest MMOs on the world working together with hundreds of fellow developers across more than 5 studios across the globe.

Andrew Willans

Sumo Digital, Lead Game Designer

Andrew is a highly creative design lead with a wealth of experience in all aspects of game, level and UX design. In the past 10 years Andrew has largely worked on AAA projects including ‘Driver: San Francisco’, ‘Watch Dogs’, ‘Tom Clancy’s: The Division’ and ‘EVE: Valkyrie’, with the exception of ‘Grow Home’ which was BAFTA nominated for Game Design. Andrew is now at Sumo Digital, in Newcastle – following the acquisition of the studio from CCP Games – working on an unannounced project.

Yukio Futatsugi


Yukio Futatsugi is a Japanese video game developer best known as the creator of Panzer Dragoon series. While at Sega he also worked as game director on Panzer Dragoon. In later years after working at Konami and Sony Computer Entertainment he joined Microsoft Games. He went on to create and direct Phantom Dust. Some of the other titles where he was credited as lead game designer include Blue Dragon and Ninety – Nine Nights. Yukio is a founder of GOUNDING CO. where he is currently a game director on an unnanounced title. At the same studio he also developed and created Crimson Dragon and Machi-koro.

Angela Bermudez

Composer / Artist

With 10 years of experience, Angela has been recognized by companies like FOX, PlayStation, RIOT Games, Ghost Story Games and Warner Brothers, among others, for collaborations in art, costume making and character design for many projects. Her abilities in cosplay and prop making have brought her to many conventions around the world, getting the role of panelist, speaker and judge for cosplay competitions. Upon discovering the world of speed painting after being involved in a competition of the same dynamic, Angela has been looking for a different way to express and create pieces in real time accompanied with the musical and inspiring touch of Austin Wintory at the piano.

Michael Putz

Bongfish, CEO / Co-Founder

The Austrian based studio made its name with Stoked, the first open-world snowboarding game in 2008 and focuses on a high-tech approach to game development. Today Bongfish became Austria’s largest developing force by attracting a diverse team of 75 people from 14 different nations. Operating from 3 studio locations the company is engaged in multiple projects for major publishers and just recently got signed to work on an undisclosed first-party title.

Iain Angus

Creative Assembly, Development Manager

Iain is a veteran game developer with more than 15 years’ experience working in AAA teams. In that time he has held programming, design and production roles and worked on franchises such as Halo, Fable, Pro Evolution Soccer, Need for Speed and Burnout. Iain is currently managing a team that is working on an exciting unannounced new-IP at Creative Assembly.

Tobias Sjögren

White Wolf Publishing, CEO

Tobias started his first steps in the industry in 1996 while working in many different roles, but mainly focused on business development. He headed DICE Stockholm from 2001. to 2004. He is currently CEO of White Wolf Publishing, daughter company of Paradox Interactive, which handles a selection of World of Darkness brands with it’s flagship being Vampire the Masquerade. White Wolf is a licensing business which develops the metaplot of the brands and works with different partners around the world who are using their famous IPs producing all kinds of products like computer games, books, tabletop and board games, events, comic books and moving picture.

Alexis Kennedy

Weather Factory, Co-Founder / Writer

Alexis Kennedy founded Failbetter Games, where he made Fallen London and Sunless Sea among other things. He took a gap year to do guest-writing gigs for clients like BioWare (where he wrote for unannounced next title in Dragon Age series), Telltale and Paradox, and now he’s working on another ‘typically unclassifiable’ narrative game, Cultist Simulator, which was funded in twelve hours on Kickstarter.

Susan Gold

Global Game Jam, Founder / Creator

Susan is the creator of the much loved Global Game Jam®, the annual event that brings together over 40k game developers from around the world for one creatively explosive weekend. As GGJ celebrates it’s 10th year of exponential growth, Susan is launching GGJNEXT™, a game jam and curriculum for young creators age 12-17. It is her vision to grow the power of jamming and game education globally by empowering and strengthening young creators skills with enough competence and knowledge to succeed at making their own games in their own game jams.  With GGJ and in academia, Professor Gold works with governments, education systems, international & federal agencies in the hopes of unlocking the creative potential of games, jamming, and collaborative work.

Stefan Randelshofer

Ubisoft Blue Byte, Audio Director

Stefan has worked in the field of Audio and SoundDesign for TV and Movies since the end of the 90‘s. In the mid 00’s he started to work on games as Sound Designer and Audio Director – i.e. EA – Battleforge, Piranha Bytes – Risen 3, Ubisoft – The Settlers Kingdom of Anteria. He is a certified Fmod and Wwise User and teaches Soundscape Design for Games at the University of applied Sciences in Salzburg, at ETIC in Lisbon and at various SAE institutes in Germany. At the moment, he is the Audio Director at Ubisoft Blue Byte and is responsible for all products in the studio.

Matt Conte

Oculus, Head of Development Engineering, PC

Matt has nearly 20 years in the game industry under his belt as a programmer, starting with assembly language Game Boy Color games, then Game Boy Advance and PlayStation Portable, moving through gen7 and gen8 consoles, and now VR. Prior to joining Oculus, he was engine programmer at Vicarious Visions, an Activision studio, on a proprietary cross-platform game engine and toolset, powering the Skylanders franchise, and supporting every platform under the sun, from iOS to PlayStation 4. At Oculus, he and his team work to help developers ship their titles on the Rift platform at the highest quality.

Carsten Biernat

Nordeus, Marketing Art Director

Carsten Biernat is the Marketing Art Director at Nordeus the independent gaming studio best known for Top Eleven, the world’s most successful mobile sports game. Before joining Nordeus, Carsten was working as a Marketing Art Director within the gaming industry, leading the creation of marketing artworks for free to play mobile games. Over the course of his career, he has been responsible for the marketing artworks for Spellsouls: Duel of Legends, Top Eleven, Tribal Wars 2, Battle Wings VR, Goodgame Empire, Big Farm, Little Lost, Empire Millennium Wars, Infernals and Alpha Assault.

Tom Van Dam

Netease, Head of Mobile BD

Tom is an energetic Dutchman living in China since 2009. Having worked at several Chinese companies, including gaming giant NetEase Games for the last 5 years, Tom aims to scale the digital and cultural Great Wall of the Chinese market from the inside, finding opportunities in both directions.

Renaud Charpentier

Tower Five, Game Director / Co-Founder

Renaud joined the games industry more than 20 years ago when he helped a few friends on what would today be called an Indie game. He then designed games for Ubisoft, Insight Games and Sega at Creative Assembly, working on brands like Rayman, Splinter Cell, Largo Winch, Corunea and Total War. His last position before leaving Creative Assembly was that of a game director. Currently he is quietly and secretively working as game director on his next big thing at Tower Five, completely new studio he recently co-founded! Game design, game rules and systems, including artificial intelligence remains his primary interests, with a focus on transforming player experience intentions into systems which actually materialise them.

Jas Purewal

Purewal & Partners, Founder / CEO

Jas Purewal is a legal and business advisor for digital entertainment. He advises some of the leading games businesses in the world from successful indies to large studios, publishers and distributors. He is a specialist in deals negotiation and in scaling and protecting a games business.  He is not Phoenix Wright.

Maciej Burno

Hoolai Interactive, Director of International BD & Marketing

Maciej is the head of international business development and marketing at Hoolai Interactive, company that was fully acquired by Wanda Group in 2016 and currently is at the top 3rd grossing mobile games company in China. Born in Poland and educated in the United States, Maciej spent over a decade in Taiwanese and Chinese gaming tech companies that gave him a profane understanding of the Chinese culture. Navigating through the Western and Eastern business etiquettes enabled Maciej to land in Hoolai and now he is responsible for global strategic partnership, IP licensing, PR, and marketing opportunities.

Andrew Parsons

Devolver Digital, Producer

Andrew is a producer with the indie publishing label Devolver Digital. Since his introduction to the industry in 2005, he has worked in multiple disciplines in both publishing and development. His life at Devolver Digital mainly involves solving problems for developers and doing everything necessary to get beautiful games made. He enjoys swimming, tea, and maintaining a healthy level of cynicism.

Lottie Bevan

Weather Factory, Co-Founder/Director

Lottie’s a producer and co-founder of Weather Factory, an indie narrative studio in London. She produced Failbetter Games’ Fallen London, Zubmariner and Sunless Skies, and now produces, markets, bizzes and arts for Cultist Simulator. She’s a STEM Ambassador, working to promote more women in games, and has recently been named one of Code First: Girls’ ‘Ones to Watch’.

Felix Bohatsch

Broken Rules, CEO

Indie at his heart, he co-founded Broken Rules right after finishing hi studies at Vienna University of Technology and Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht. His area of expertise includes game and level design and gameplay programming which he has done on all games of the studio. Additional he has been responsible for ensur­ing project quality and handling all organizational activity of Broken Rules. The recent title to come out from his team is both critcally and commercialy praised Old Man’s Journey.

Davor Hunski

Croteam, Chief Creative Officer

Even though he’s not that old, they call him the Grandfather of Croatian gaming industry – and for a good reason. Davor Hunski is a true industry veteran, who’s handsomeness is matched only by his passion for challenge. With over 20 years of experience, during which he lead the design and production of Serious Sam and The Talos Prinicple series, Davor became one of the few developers that have explored every platform known to man, including the VR space which has been his main point of interest in the last couple of years. During that time he has spawned an amazing VR gem in SSVR: The Last Hope.

Rami Ismail

Vlambeer, Co-Founder

Rami Ismail is the Business & Development Guy at Vlambeer, a Dutch independent game studio known best for Nuclear Throne, Wasteland Kings, Ridiculous Fishing, Super Crate Box, LUFTRAUSERS, GUN GODZ, Serious Sam: The Random Encounter & Radical Fishing. Believing sharing knowledge openly is the cornerstone of independent development, Rami has spoken on a variety of subjects at dozens of game events around the world.

Ziva Cizman

Outfit7, VP of Marketing

Ziva Cizman started her career in the FMCG industry as a brand manager at Danone. It was then that she developed her passion for digital marketing. She joined Google in 2011, working at its European Headquarters to develop agencies and large clients in Adriatic region. After moving back to Slovenia in 2014, she helped relaunch the digital agency, D’agency (part of the Pristop Group), and advised numerous small and medium-sized companies on how to advertise online. In 2016 she joined Outfit7 and now leads an international team as the VP of Marketing.

Vid Rajin

Mad Head Games, Senior Concept Artist

Vid Rajin is a smiling Senior Concept Artist and enthusiastic gamer, currently working at Mad Head Games,  one of the biggest video game studios in region. With 5 years of in-house experience, Vid took many roles in game development, including game design, animation and 2D art. He held workshops of animated shorts, game making presentations and concept art seminars in many countries. He is currently leading a team of developers working on an exciting secret project.

Matthew Leopold

Yodo1 Games, Director of Business Development and Marketing

Six years of overseas experience working for Chinese tech companies have earned him a unique understanding of the nuances that separate Chinese and global business cultures and the ability to overcome these challenges and forge long-lasting successful partnerships. Since joining Yodo1’s team in 2013, Matthew has played an integral part in revamping Yodo1’s overseas publishing business and bringing Yodo1 into the global spotlight by signing on smash-hit titles Crossy Road (Hipster Whale) and Rodeo Stampede (Featherweight Games). Keeping up with market trends in China, Yodo1 started publishing PC games in China in 2015 beginning with long-time partners, Defiant Development (Ski Safari, Hand of Fate 1 and 2).

Pawel Rohleder

Techland, CTO

A highly experienced developer, manager and video games enthusiast who is keen on new technologies. Over 15+ years in the game development industry, of which the last 11 years are with Techland (Dying Light, Dead Island, Call of Juarez). Participated in both original DLs, both DIs and all four CoJ games from start to finish. Has experience in almost every part of game development, from concept creation to QA, all the way through to even composing in-game music. Is a regularly invited and highly experienced speaker at gaming and technology conferences. Currently manages a team of 30+ professionals developing cutting-edge technology for games across multiple platforms.

Yoot Saito

Game Director / Game Designer

Yoot is a true veteran of Japanese games industry with his first endeavours staring at the beginning of the 90s. His first major game release was SimTower, developed by his previous company OPeNBooK Co., Ltd. and published by Maxis in 1994. He also worked on developing the sequel, Yoot Tower, the Game Boy Advance remake called The Tower SP, and the Nintendo DS remake called The Tower DS. After founding Vivarium, he published some of his most famous games, including Seaman, a virtual pet game which was one of the best selling titles for Dreamcast. Causing a social phenomenon, “Seaman” received various awards in and outside Japan, later it received the sequel as well. Currently Yoot is working on unannounced projects in the field of AI and video games.

Nikola Cavic

Nordeus, Head of Business Development

Nikola Cavic is the Head of Business Development at Nordeus the independent gaming studio best known for Top Eleven, the world’s most successful mobile sports game. Nikola joined Nordeus in 2012 and has been playing a key role in Nordeus’s growth and international expansion ever since. He is leading Business Development team, where he is responsible among other things for: global expansion, strategic partnerships, IP licensing and advertising monetization. Prior to Nordeus, he spent 5 years with CCP Games where he was responsible for global distribution of EVE Online, and has been involved in a number of international projects with global leaders in the gaming industry

Nick Rooke

Sony PlayStation, Developer Relations Director

Nick oversees end-to-end developer engagement for PlayStation platforms in the region (which includes Europe, MEA and Australasia). His remit includes oversight for the direct funding of exclusive content experiences (such as Hellblade and No Man’s Sky), proactive and reactive engineering support for those developing on PlayStation platforms, as well as the developer-facing account management teams. Nick’s career in the games industry began 20 years ago working in development as a designer and then producer on a number of PC and console titles, before moving to work at platform holders almost exclusively for the latter half of those 20 years including an 8 year spell at Xbox. At Sony, he covers all current platforms and initiatives which right now includes a large focus on PSVR and PlayLink.

Kate Edwards

Geogrify, CEO / Principal Consultant

Kate Edwards is the CEO and principal consultant of Geogrify, a consultancy for content culturalization, the Executive Director of Take This, and is the former Executive Director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA). In addition to being an outspoken advocate who serves in several advisory/board roles, she is a geographer, writer, and corporate strategist. Following 13 years at Microsoft, she has consulted on many game and ono-game projects for Bioware, Google, Amazon and many other companies. In October 2013, Fortune magazine named her as one of the “10 most powerful women” in the game industry and in December 2014 she was named by GamesIndustry.biz as one of their six People of the Year.

Michael Schade

ROCKFISH Games, CEO / Co-Founder

In 2014, Michael Schade and his long-term business partner Christian Lohr founded ROCKFISH Games, an independent gaming studio based in Hamburg, Germany, specializing in creating high-quality original PC and console games in Unreal Engine 4. Together with their former team behind the critically acclaimed Galaxy on Fire mobile games series on board, they had a wildly successful Kickstarter for EVERSPACE in 2015. Thanks to the winning formula of combining AAA-style visuals with roguelike elements and innovative storytelling, the fast-paced 3D space shooter became a surprise hit on Steam and Xbox in 2017.

Jonas Kyratzes

Freelance Writer

Jonas started writing and designing narrative-heavy freeware games in the early 2000s, before the indie game boom, and has semi-accidentally become a full-time freelance game writer. He is best known for his work on The Sea Will Claim Everything and The Talos Principle. His current projects include Serious Sam 4 and Phoenix Point. While people generally hire Jonas for the philosophical and socio-political depth he brings to his writing, his main contribution is usually bad puns.

Adriana Tanaskovic

Mad Head Games, Creative Content Manager

Adriana has an MA degree in Documentary film which marked the beginning of her career in creative industries where she worked on film and TV projects, and theater and film festivals. She also got a chance to be engaged in Public Administration through the Serbian Ministry of Culture and Information. She started her career in gaming through marketing and B2B dealings, where she handled Mad Head Games independent projects. As of December 2017, she is the company’s Creative Content Manager. She believes she is good with people but well without them too. Also, she is still not sure if she ended up in gaming by chance or with a good reason.

Nicholas Bonardi

Ubisoft San Francisco, Lead Audio Designer

Nick has been working in the games industry of the San Francisco Bay Area for the past decade. Connecting with GameTank in 2007, Nick created Guitar Rising which was soon acquired by Ubisoft, developed into Rocksmith, and became the first video game to use a real guitar. The success of Rocksmith lead to the creation of Ubisoft Studio SF, of which Nick is a founding member. Heading the Audio department since the studio’s conception, Nick has additionally played key roles in the promotion, design, and creation of the studio’s titles, whose most recent release, SouthPark: The Fractured but Whole, is no exception to the rule.

Mark Estdale


Mark Estdale is voice producer with 21 years working at every level within the industry with publishers and developers worldwide. He is know for his pioneering work on production methodologies that bring together acting theory, neurology, and the world of espionage to empower performance in games. His recent work includes Horizon Zero Dawn, The Frozen Wilds and Vermintide 2. Mark also leads workshops for actors at wold renowned acting schools and is founder of the  indie dialogue initiative.

Anna Sajecka

Devolver Digital, Producer

Based in Warsaw, Anna is a Producer at Devolver Digital. Working across all projects and first parties, I work to help the teams realize their ambitions and release their game. When she isa not doing that she is spending here time somewhere in the world of The Witcher or having a look at the new games Devolver is considering.

Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro

White Owls Inc., CEO

President and CEO of White Owls Inc. Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro is a video game developer who was the director of Spy Fiction and best known for their unique mystery horror game, Deadly Premonition, and also stylish, time traveling adventure, D4: Dead Dreams Don’t Die. In his games SWERY brings his own unique flavor of drama and the surreal, paired with fantastical scenarios and wild, memorable encounters. Currently he is intensely working on his new signature game The Good Life! He is commonly known by the nickname “Swery65”.

Mike Bithell

Mike Bithell Games, Video Games Designer

Mike Bithell is a British game designer, best known for his breakout indie hit, Thomas Was Alone. A story-driven platform puzzle game, Thomas Was Alone won a BAFTA for its star, Danny Wallace. A year ago Mike released Volume, a commercially and critically successful action stealth game. Mike’s work emphasizes storytelling and focused game design with a growing team of professionals. Recently he surprisingly announced and right away launched Subsurface Circular, his homage to text adventure games, which immediately gained unanimous praise from critics and is enjoying great commercial success as well.

Maarten De Koning

DDM, Partner & Executive VP of Business Development

With a background in investment management and game development, Maarten founded his own agency before merging with DDM in 2013. Maarten’s principles of starting an agency were to provide business development, effective product management and consultation to video game developers. He began his career in the industry as a game producer and is a certified Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Master. As Partner and Executive VP of Business Development, Maarten oversees all business development in North America, Europe and China for the agency, and is responsible for the expansion and servicing of DDM’s clients in these territories.

Lorenzo Grimaldi

NVIDIA, Developer Relations

Lorenzo is part of the Developer Relations team at NVIDIA, looking after independent developers and publishers across Europe and other PAL territories. He was previously the head of PlayStation’s Strategic Content, a team he co-created with Shahid Ahmad. He has worked with hundreds of developers, seen and advised on a ton of pitches, and with the help of his team, signed and delivered over 120 games including Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Nex Machina, No Man’s Sky, Velocity 2X, Battlezone and EVE: Valkyrie. His platinum trophy tally is at 78 and counting.

Jakub Dvorsky

Amanita Design, CEO

Jakub is the founder, lead game designer and creative director in Amanita Design, Czech based award-winning independent studio best known for puzzle adventure games Machinarium, Botanicula and Samorost series. The studio currently consists of several separate teams which are at the moment working on four upcoming games, one of which was recently revealed to be another artistly outstanding project Chuchel.

Claudia Molinari-Ivanović

We Are Müesli, Co-Founder

2D artist, illustrator and visual-teller with experience in directing design projects and a passion in folk tales. Co-founder of We Are Müesli (CAVE! CAVE! DEUS VIDET., Venti Mesi, SIHEYUAN, The Great Palermo) and Italian game collective Contralto, Claudia is an advocate for diversity in gamemaking, a Game Design teacher with a focus on Cultural Heritage, an amateur Tarot reader and a less-than-amateur ukulele player.

Graham McAllister

Player Research, UX Director

Graham is the Director of Player Research, a UX Research studio based in Brighton, UK and Montreal, Canada. Player Research apply rigorous methods for understanding and assessing both games and players from the very outset of the game development process and continue all the way through to release and beyond. Our UX process adds a way of continuously measuring the player experience throughout development.

Nino Rajacic

Eipix Entertainment, Head of Free-to-Play production

Although his formal education and background is in music, having been a classically trained musician and choral conductor, his passion for creating new, immersive stories and worlds has pushed him in a wholly different direction. Entering the video game industry as a composer and sound designer, Nino immersed himself into every aspect of his new field of operations, quickly evolving into a game designer, then producer, and ultimately into the role of a leader, where his unique background and understanding of teamwork and composition allow him to create an environment that yields games greater than the sum of their parts.

Jennifer Nordwall

Unity Technologies, Developer in Graphics

Jennifer is now based now in Copenhagen, where the core of Unity is built, and works as editor engineer in the Lighting team. Previously, she worked for various tech/game companies in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and many other countries. One of her successful projects was as a backend developer on Angry Birds 2. She was a speaker at Unite Europe 2017 and she is going to deliver an amazing talk at GDC 2018. Her goal at Unity is to deliver a product that is not just beautiful and easy to use, but also an empowerment tool for devs and the community.

Nikola Damjanov

Nordeus, Senior Generalist / 3D Artist

Nikola is a Senior Generalist / 3D Artist with over ten years of versatile experience. Working at Nordeus, the independent gaming studio best known for Top Eleven, for the past six years. He has been actively improving his artistic skills, exploring new tools and adopting them as early as possible. He has developed through the company and is currently channeling his passion, focus and broad skill-set working as a real-time VFX Artist on Spellsouls: Duel of Legends. Nikola cherishes the bigger picture and looks to help shape it in every way he can, getting involved in hiring, interviewing, mentoring and overall maintenance of the company culture.

Callum Underwood

Raw Fury, CSO

Callum is the Chief Something Officer at Raw Fury Games, a purveyor of fine and wondrous indie games. Previously in his games industry career he worked at Oculus. Callum nowadays is in charge of finding cool games to publish. He’s won awards and stuff, spends most of his time on twitter, is into feminism, mental health, and diversity, and has a ginger beard.

Aleksey Savchenko

Unreal, Licensing Manager

Aleksey Savchenko is licensing manager for Epic Games in Europe, who is also busy with numerous projects to assist UE4 developers on their matters and necessities. 19 years in industry, but refuses to call himself a veteran. Scholar, scientist, adventurer and international man of mystery by weekends.

Matthew Handrahan

GamesIndustry.biz, Editor-in-Chief

Matthew has been writing about the games business for 12 years, for a variety of publications aimed at both consumers and developers. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of GamesIndustry.biz, an essential website covering both the art and business of video games. A lover of open-worlds and RPGs, Matthew has waited seven long years for the arrival of Red Dead Redemption 2, a wait that will finally end at some point in 2018. Frankly, it had better be good.

Mikael Haveri

Housemarque, Head of Publishing

Mikael Haveri is the Head of Publishing for Housemarque. Handling the product life cycle from early concept and pitching to branding and market launch. Currently managing the pivot from “King of Arcade” to a further reaching, gameplay centric, powerhouse for the next 20 years of Housemarque. Also a conosseur of Aqua Vitae and all things “Management by Perkele”.

Davor Tomicic

Croteam, Co-Founder / Game Designer

Working in game development since mid 1990’s. During the time he worked on various aspects of game creation including game design, level design, gameplay mechanics and scripting, story writing and more. He worked on The Talos Principle, Serious Sam series, it’s VR spinoff and is currently working on Croteam’s next big thing, or things. Craving for perfection, he brings high standards to projects he participates.

Christian Fonnesbech

Nordisk Film Games, Head of IP Development

Christian Fonnesbech is head of IP Development at Nordisk Film Games, which has invested in four indie game developer companies in the last year. In addition, Christian is also a strategic consultant for the game and media industries, currently advising Egmont on investments and strategy development as well as working with independent game developers, game schools and conferences. In an earlier life, he produced and directed 35+ game projects for advertising, learning and entertainment.

Tino Schleinitz

Ubisoft Blue Byte, Audio Designer

Working 8 years as Sound Designer and Sound Mixer for Movies and Television, Tino switched to the game industry 4 years ago. He was working as Audio Designer for titles such as Flumen, Champions of Anteria and South Park Fractured but whole. Tino holds bachelor degree for Multimedia Art Audio.

Jason Della Rocca

Execution Labs, Co-Founder

Jason is a game industry entrepreneur, funding advisor, and cluster expert. He specializes in business/partnership development, pitching/funding, and ecosystem/cluster development. As the co-founder of Executions Labs, he was a hands-on early stage investor to over 20 independent game studios from North America and Europe. Between 2000-09 he served as the executive director of IGDA, and was honored for his industry building efforts with the inaugural Ambassador Award at the Game Developers Conference. In 2009, Jason was named to Game Developer Magazine’s “Power50,” a list which profiles 50 of the most important contributors to the state of the game industry.

Arnold Nesis

Capricia Productions, CEO / Composer

Arnold is an Israeli metal-head and music composer, mostly known for his work in video games and media. Arnold has worked with companies in the United States, Europe, Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere and currently is the CEO of Capricia Productions, making interactive music video game albums. Recently, the company has been focusing on the development of The Birdcage – a music album fully produced as a video game, featuring leading artists from Guns N’ Roses, (former) Evanescence, Within Temptation, Epica and others.

Ivan Trancik

Cellense, CEO

Entrepreneur, game growth-hacker and gamer – Ivan with his team at Cellense helped to analyse and launch over 50 games with more than 1 billion downloads on mobile and over 20 million sald copies on PC/Console in total with developers like Paradox, Fingersoft, Frogmind (in partnership with by Supercell) including one of the most downloaded games in the world – the Hill Climb Racing series – and multiple PC/Console top-sellers like The Division, Stellaris and Space Engineers.

Mike Hines

Amazon Appstore, Developer Evangelist

Mike Hines is a recovering serial entrepreneur, and is currently a Developer Evangelist for the Amazon Appstore. An advocate for new and more profitable monetization mechanics, Mike is on a continuing mission to find out and share what currently is and isn’t working in mobile app economics, and to identify trends that shape the industry.

Veli-Pekka Kokkonen

3rd Eye Studios, CTO

Veli-Pekka Kokkonen is the CTO of Finnish game and technology studio 3rd Eye Studios, which develops innovative games and groundbreaking technology built specifically for developers. The company launched its first game Downward Spiral – The Prologue at the end of March 2017, with its follow-up Downward Spiral: Horus Station due in Spring 2018. Prior to joining 3rd Eye Studios Veli-Pekka worked as the 2D Lead Programmer at Unity creating animation and 2D frameworks. Veli Pekka has worked in the game industryfor over 15 years, working with titles like BAFTA-winning Ori and the Blind Forest.

Graeme Struthers

Devolver Digital, Professional Football Player wannabe

Based in London, Graeme has been keystone of Devolver Digital’s European operation that among other things includes regular visits to Croateam’s HQ in Croatia and intense sampling of Croatian barbecue ribs scene. He manages to avoid having any kind of professional qualification or defined role at Devolver. He is mainly at Reboot to play football with Croteam.

Tomislav Uzelac

2x2 GAmes, CEO

Tomislav joined the world of video games industry 8 years ago as an indie developer, following several long stints as programmer on music related projects (most famously creating the mp3 playback engine for WinAMP). His first project was “Unity of Command”, a strategy game noted for its clever design, merciless AI and “exceptional ergonomics”. Tomislav’s interests include game design, game programming in python, and all things related to the business of indie game development and he is currently intesively working on Unity of Command 2 which is to be released within a year or so.

Phil Elliott

Square Enix West, Director of Indie Publishing

Phil is Director of Indie Publishing at Square Enix West. He joined the publisher in 2011 as Head of Community, and went on to create and launch Square Enix Collective three years later. Prior to his time at Square Enix, he ran GamesIndustry.biz for four years, was Editor of GameSpot UK, and worked at BBC Radio 5Live.

Jari-Pekka Kaleva


As the COO of European Games Developer Federation (EGDF), Jari-Pekka Kaleva follows closely European politics from the perspective of the European games industry. He is also the senior policy analyst at Neogames, the hub for the Finnish games industry, striving to accelerate, coordinate and support the development of the Finnish game cluster.

Tomaz Treven

Outfit7 / Ekipa 2, Lead Developer

Tomaz started working on HTML5 Canvas (back in the early pre-mobile days), before moving on to becoming full stack web developer during high school. After studying, he joined Outfit7 in its Ekipa2 d.o.o. subsidiary in Ljubljana as a Software Architect, revelling in the opportunity to create amazing games for players worldwide. The rest, as they say, is history. Over his four years with the company, he’s worked on three of the company’s smash-hit games and is now Lead Developer on the worldwide sensation, My Talking Tom, taking pride in improving the game so it can deliver even more joy to its fans.

Ante Jelusic

Eipix Entertainment, Head of Business Development

Ante Jelusic is the Head of Business Development at Eipix Entertainment, an independent gaming studio with the biggest team of game developers on the planet. Ante joined Eipix as a game designer and industry analyst in 2016. Since then, he has been using his knowledge of the industry to help Eipix in the transition from an adventure game design company into a focused hub of talented developers that create their passion projects. In his current role Ante is helping steer Eipix and connect it with the best possible partners, so that the company can answer every incoming trend.

Josh Naylor

Unity Technologies, Head of European Envagelism team

Heading up the European Evangelism team at Unity, Josh has been part of the Unity family for 4 years and has spent this time showcasing what Unity can do with its evergrowing feature list. Unity has a mission to help every developer in the world to be successful and Josh and his team travel the world to help people in any way they can. You’ll often find him and his team at conferences, user groups and meetups aswell as on web writing technical blogs and reaching out to the community on twitter.

Christian Kluckner

Chimera Entertainment, Managing Director / Co-Founder

Christian played a major part in growing Chimera Entertainment from a three student team to the acclaimed AAA mobile game studio with 60 employees from 18 countries that it is today.  In his role as Head of Studio he ensures that the multi-national team is fit to achieve international recognition and success and ship major productions, which they did in impressive fashion with Angry Birds Epic and Angry Birds Evolution; both played by millions of players worldwide.

Damjan Mravunac

Croteam, CMO / Composer

Best known for his memorable scores for Serious Sam series and The Talos Principle, Damjan has been composing music and designing sound effects for the past twenty years, but the only thing he likes more than creating sonic landscapes is sharing his vast experience and helping others developers with feedback and advices. He is currently wrapping up soundtracks for several games coming out of the Croteam Incubator, as well as music for Croteam’s flagship title Serious Sam 4.

Sjoerd De Jong

Unreal, Evangelist

As Evangelist for Epic Games, Sjoerd travels through Europe to talk about and teach Unreal Engine 4. With 19 years of experience in the Unreal Engine, Sjoerd is an expert at a wide range of content creation topics. Throughout his diverse career he has worked in everything ranging from AAA development to running his own indie studio to education. His most recently released game is The Solus Project.

Brandon Sheffield

Necrosoft Games, Creative Director

Brandon Sheffield is creative director of Necrosoft Games, developer of Gunhouse, Gunsport, and Oh, Deer! He has worked on over a dozen titles as narrative director, designer, and biz dev/marketing/other nonsense. He writes a web comic called Hot Comic for Cool people, and also consults for a number of companies and conferences in advisory capacities. He likes weird old games, weird old music and weird old towns, so if you know anything about any of that, you should probably let him know.

John Gaudiosi

Greenlit Content, President / Co-Founder

John has spent the past 30 years covering all aspects of the video game industry, including the esports industry from the very beginning. Two years ago, he co-founded Greenlit Content, a company that uses journalists as content creators to help brands like Tencent, Intel, Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games, HTC Vive, Atari, Tetris and others connect with Millennial and Gen Z gamers through all forms of content (video, editorial, social, websites, livestreams). Greenlit also has a network of over 60 gaming sites, reaching over 100 million monthly uniques and 1 billion monthly page views. John continues to freelance for key outlets, including Rolling Stone’s Glixel, Tribune Syndication, Men’s Journal and American Way Magazine.

Ben Andac

Business & Product Consultant

Ben Andac is an Independent Business & Product Consultant who works with Good Shepherd Entertainment, overseeing and curating their portfolio strategy. He has worked in the video games industry for 15 years as a developer at studios including SEGA and Sony Worldwide Studios before joining PlayStation’s Strategic Content team for the launch of PS4 and PSVR as the business & product development lead  and producer on titles such as No Man’s Sky, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Nex Machina, Statik, and Rez Infinite.

Ari Pulkkinen

AriTunes, CEO / Composer

Ari is an award winning composer and sound designer. With over 15 years of professional experience, his works include original and award winning music and audio for games such as Angry Birds, Nex Machina, Resogun, Alienation, Super Stardust HD and Trine -series. Among many awards that Ari gathered throughout the years just some of those that stand out are Hall of Fame in Pocket Gamer, Finnish Game Developer of the Year 2011 and Best PS4 Audio Award 2013 from Resogun by IGN and many others.

Jacob Riis

Nordic Game, Program Director

Born in 1971 in Copenhagen, Jacob started his career as a games journalist in 1998. As the editor for several games magazines, he got fired after doing too good, and then he dove deeper into the industry as the editor of “Manual” – the first industry-specific outlet in the Nordic region. There, he was headhunted to be a part of the Nordic Game Program, which later turned in to the Nordic Game Conference, where he’s been serving for many years now, first as Communications Officer, and currently as Program Director. In 2017, he and his (very) loyal partner Teddy Florea invented and introduced the Nordic Game Discovery Contest. The 11th regional qualifier of Season 2 of the contest takes place at Reboot this year, hosted by Jacob and Teddy, and is not to be missed!

Matteo Pozzi

We Are Müesli, Co-Founder

Creative writer with years of experience in diverse forms of storytelling, from screenwriting for TV to narrative design for games. One half of independent game design duo We Are Müesli (CAVE! CAVE! DEUS VIDET., Venti Mesi, SIHEYUAN, The Great Palermo), he also co-wrote story and dialogues for Santa Ragione’s Wheels of Aurelia. Matteo is currently teaching Game Writing in Milan, and his favorite conversation topic is pro wrestling as a performance art.

Nenad Nesovic

Nordeus, Senior 3D Artist/Generalist

Nenad is a Senior 3D Artist/Generalist at Nordeus, the independent gaming studio best known for Top Eleven, the world’s most successful mobile sports game. He has been working there for five years where he is responsible for modeling, texturing, and lighting. He currently leading a small team involved in making the environment art for Spellsouls: Duel of Legends and Top Eleven. Prior to Nordeus he worked on a number of freelance projects within the gaming industry, including product design and architecture.

Ante Vrdelja

Croteam / CGDA, CMO / CAO

After working for most of his life in some of the most successful regional video gaming and IT publications, he decided he wanted to try a more hands-on approach. Now he is a producer at Croteam and CAO at CGDA, working towards the promotion, support and recognition of the local game development studios as well as regulary visiting the same hairdresser as the other local games industry promotion super star and his drinking buddy Damir.

Khaled Ibrahimi

Nikdu, CEO/Co-Founder

Khaled is an experienced advisor with over 8 years of experience in business, tech and entertainment. Khaled started his career as a producer on Killzone 3,produced IGF finalist
Bohm and co-founded Interceptor Entertainment responsible for Rise of the Triad, bombshell and the return of 3DRealms. Today Khaled assists developers through his indie label Nkidu, directs competitive mobile platform Skill Nation and is an advocate for esports in the Netherlands, advising the Dutch College League, inside esports (Fox Sports), the Dutch esports association and many more.

Dan Pearson

Purewal Consulting, Head of Business Development

Dan spent ten years as a journalist at Gamer Network, writing for Eurogamer and GamesIndustry.biz, where he became European Editor. Tired of all the free games and glamorous travel, he crossed the divide into consultancy and business development, working for Square Enix before joining the newly formed Purewal Consulting in December 2017. He is all about Dwarf Fortress, Monster Hunter and Total Warhammer.

Damir Durovic

Reboot, CEO

With more than 20 years of games media and marketing/PR experience, he has worked on numerous gaming media projects, as well as on few dozen games industry marketing, PR and investment consulting gigs. He is currently managing the rapid growth of now worldwide established REBOOT games industry brand together with an en excellent and agile small team. REBOOT brand today spans both the biggest video gaming magazine in SE Europe, biggest consumer games show – Reboot InfoGamer and one of the most impactful and high-end games industry conferences in the world – Reboot Develop, with few more ambitious projects on the way as well!